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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Been reading that Sonny Bill Williams wants to fight Mike Tyson with a $1M purse mooted. Then read that Tyson wants to put on a 2 round fight for charity, though not sure who would want to pay to get beat up. Finally, found this report. No need to read it just watch the video clip. I know Tyson...
  2. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Does not make good reading because only one salmon so far
  3. News & Features
    BBC News report is here: Climate change: Wales' salmon population 'at risk' - BBC News
  4. Vision
    In late August I took a Vision XO 13' 6" to the Conon for a week on an extended user test. You will find my report here on Just One Week. As usual I stress the point that I have no financial or other connection with Vision, nor do I receive any financial inducements from them. Just One Week...
  5. General Board
    I have read and re-read Malcolm Newbould's report and commentary upon the statement by the Spey District Fishery Board which is set out in full in the above report. I don't wish to enter into the rights and wrongs of the Board's decision to hold a public meeting, although it seems to me that Mr...
  6. General Board It's an old report, published in 2000 but useful nonetheless. Many rivers are named, their issues identified...
  7. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Very informative and in-depth report on Irish Salmon Stocks
  8. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Yet another Herald story on salmon farms......getting a fair bit of publicity now. Mike SALMON farmers have insisted a highly-critical report which claimed the industry's expansion could cause "irrecoverable damage" to the environment is not fully backed up by the facts. A Holyrood committee...
  9. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Here's a link to the report for anybody interested IFI Consolidated Fish Counter Summary Report 2017 - Inland Fisheries Ireland
  10. General Board
    Seems to be almost impossible to find out anything about how the Spey is fishing. Being in an age of pessimism about Scottish fishing I'm, perhaps unfairly, guessing that's because the Spey is not good news. Do they not report anymore? Nothing to report? Anybody know anything? Arndilly worth...
  11. General Board
    My pal John and I had a quick opening Saturday session on Knappach. Nothing landed, but a bit of interest and a good first day out nonetheless. Report and pictures here: Much Ado About Fish: Knappach, Dee (3 February 2018)
  12. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    A copy of my former 'least liked' daily paper was looked at today! I was surprised to find that they are again giving good coverage to the Salmon farming situation by both uptodate stats and also opinion expressed!! I only hope that they commission a fullest investigation and report...
  13. River Dee
    2018 Report on 2017 Smolt Tracking Survey Full report here.
  14. General Board
  15. Off Topic Lounge
    That was my Daughter and Grandchild in this report. Goes to show how things can turn around. They had a great day getting up on a glorious day with great visibility and the Granddaughter slipped and fell coming down, injuring her leg and back. The rest is within the report link below. Bottom...
  16. General Board
    Global Temperature Report: September 2017 | Watts Up With That?. Worth at least a cursory look.
  17. Scottish Rivers
    Off for my usual three days on Lethen tomorrow, usually we have no water but now we have too much so I'm hoping for a drop. I will report back each night, hopefully with a few fishy tales!
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    Just seen a report on the news about an English school where the boys were refused permission to wear shorts during the recent heatwave. As a matter of protest, they borrowed skirts from sisters and friends and wore them instead. Brilliant! At the end of the report they said nobody from the...
  19. General Board
    Scottish government accused of colluding with drug giant over pesticides scandal (From HeraldScotland)
1-19 of 19 Results