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  1. Reels
    I have an old LTS X2 7/11 reel that I dropped and bent the handle so it now no longer attaches, I don't suppose anyone would know anywhere in the UK that I could get a replacement from as all I can find online so far is in the US? (doesn't have to be an original LTS handle just anything that'll...
  2. Spinning
    anybody know what no of vmc black treble hook Rapala put on there floating /countdown lures ? or whats the best replacement ?
  3. General Board
    Replacing a old AFS floating line. Noticed you can still get this line, however there is a Rio scandi which looks like it may be its replacement? What is the difference between these lines? Are they different at all?
  4. Fly Tying Topics
    Well, there's another one down. Just as i was getting the notion again. . Its not even 12 months old and seen very little use as well.. I feel like an upgrade though rather than a replacement So.... has anyone any recommendations for a general purpose rotary vice in the £200-250 range?
  5. Hardy
    Has anyone got any experience of the 13ft 9in Demon? I am looking for a replacement for my Zenith which is broken beyond repair.
  6. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a replacement for one that flew away.
  7. Lines
    I have a 3pce Norway Speycaster 10/11 with an elderly Rio Windcutter Tips - 10/11/12 I think. The line is starting to crack up and I need some help with finding a suitable replacement as I find modern day salmon flyline terminology almost incomprehensible. Can anyone help?
  8. General Board
    I want to replace the net on a sharpes gye net has anyone got any info on this thanks
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    Is it possible to get an original replacement rod bag direct from the manufacturer ? In this case it's a bag for a 14ft 6" LTS. Any help / advice would be great. Thanks, Kenny
  10. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a 15ft Airflo Airlite tip section or rod that's unwanted. Broke the tip section but they no longer stock replacement sections. Cheers
  11. General Board
    Had really bad service from Helsinki spey clave fishing shop recently let me down with two big fly tying orders in the space of a month. Ordered once and the item never turned up at all, when I pulled them on it they fobbed me off for 3 weeks saying it was xmas post etc. nearly 3 weeks later and...
  12. Classified Wanted
    Due to mysterious unexplained disappearance of one of my Cascapedia reels I am looking for a replacement Must be in very good working and undamaged condition
  13. Classified Wanted
    I have minced the middle section of the above (original version) and thus am looking for either a replacement section or a complete rod
  14. Rod Building
    Hi, had an accident with one of my spliced Sharpe 12' where I ruined the tip-top. Any ideas where I could get one, or a proper replacement would be much appriciated. L
  15. Classified Wanted
    Waders like teabags (again?).Looking for replacement pair ?
  16. Boots
    Korkers omnitrax replacement soles, who sells them?
1-16 of 16 Results