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  1. General Board
    Is it possible to repair this rod or would it be worth the hassle, or would Sage still have the mandrels for the Rpl. Thanks in advance
  2. General Board
    Vosseler / Salmologic Has anyone had dealings with this firm for reel repairs ? I have been trying to get a reel repaired for weeks but am yet to receive a reply from Vosseler across multiple contact platforms. It's like a black hole. The last repair I needed took 6 months and that's with a...
  3. Rod Building
    Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a fly rod repair in Ireland ? I have a double handed rod one of the eyes has been damaged and needs repair. Thanks in advance
  4. General Board
    Ive just had a rod section repaired by Foxons of st Asaph for £32 including return postage and it looks an excellent job. Just a heads up for anyone wanting to try a repair before binning a well loved rod that is out of production. :)
  5. Other Tackle
    Does anyone know who might repair a reel for me ? The handle snapped off and part of it is still in the insert for the threads, reel came from US some time ago and I don't want to send it back there. Thanks.
  6. Hardy
    Has anyone got any experience of the 13ft 9in Demon? I am looking for a replacement for my Zenith which is broken beyond repair.
  7. Fly Tying Topics
    they get mangled after a couple of fish I just like to tidy my flies for their first run
  8. General Board
    I have a small tear/hole in the seat of my neoprenes that needs fixing. Whats the best way of doing this, materials and adhesives to use etc? Its a repair l want to do myself and not send them off to Diver Dave. TIA
  9. Classified Sales
    For Sale-- Simms leather wading boots uk size8.Boots have vibram soles with factory fitted studs.They have been used,but are in very good condition with plenty of wear still left.A very small repair was made to stitching near boot top. £40 uplifted in Ayrshire.jg
  10. General Board
    The cork on my DTX has developed a few good sized holes. I've never tackled a cork repair before, so I am seeking guidance. What materials do I need to fill and finish the handle and where do I acquire them, thanks. M
  11. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a Loop 3w reel,managed to drop mine and watch it bounce down fishing hut steps and damage frame beyond repair,if any one has one as a spare reel that they would sell drop me a pm thanks onelascast
1-11 of 11 Results