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  1. General Board
    Off the cigarettes 8 weeks today and it wasn't bothering me too much until today and I was about to blow a gasket for some reason . had a real craving for a smoke so headed for the fly tying table to release a bit of steam, found some polar bear so decided to give it a go in the tail ,
  2. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Am I reading the new regs right and we can now use barbless doubles on rivers open for catch and release?
  3. Video Gallery
    We were 4 miles off start point fishing a wreck when we were surrounded by numerous pods of dolphins and shoals of tuna breaking the surface. A charter boat was circling us and we knew the skipper, he was fortunate to hook one of the tuna and release it after having got it next to the boat...
  4. Picture Gallery
    Big back end ?. Managed to land him quick and release him to do the business.
  5. General Board
    Looking for advice on a decent de barbing tool must be in a small form to carry about Only do catch and release now and going barbless is ideal.
  6. General Board
    Emergency byelaw to protect salmon stocks throughout the Severn - GOV.UK
  7. Video Gallery
    24 May 2019 - YouTube This afternoon.
  8. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Fisheries minister calls on anglers to become citizen scientists by removing scales from fish, including those to be released. Will this affect post release mortality? Canney appeals to anglers to become citizen scientists as part of the National Salmon Scale Project | Press releases | About us
  9. General Board
    Any ideas gratefully received regarding MCLeans Sea Trout net it is the small release button can not seem to operate with one finger. Any alterations or mod that can be made or even bypass this small button
  10. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Anyone understand the new regulations published yesterday by inland fisheres regarding the use of barbless single and double hooks and does this mean that double barbless are now allowed on catch and release rivers?
  11. General Board
    Just heard Riverdale has some beats available last few days of the season if anyone is looking for something last minute.could be ok with release not affiliated in anyway just letting people know.
  12. Picture Gallery
    No catch and release for this Deveron Croc!
  13. General Board
    Anybody else just received a response to their objections to the proposed restrictions to salmon fisheries? The counter arguments they have sent out just don't hold water! Upon what data can they claim that restricting angling methods will improve catch and release survival rates by 10%? They...
  14. English Rivers
    After years of discussions and meetings the EA finally announced their grand plans for the Solway rivers ( Border Esk and Eden ) Total catch and release for salmon and a limit on seatrout (4 on the Esk , 2 on the Eden ) starting today ! To say this will cripple clubs is an understatement...
  15. General Board
    I presume lots of people are getting these email replies from the EA but thought people might be interested in what they have to say: ”OBJECTIONS AND REPRESENTATIONS MADE TO STATUTORY CONSULTATION: The Environment Agency salmon and sea trout protection byelaws Thank you for your response to the...
  16. Reels
    Hi I've got a Hardy Marquis Disc that I used for sea trouting, however it soon got relegated to the back of the cupboard as for some reason, randomly the drag would completely release and it would go into free spool, it wasn't under tension or anything, you could simply be pulling line of, it...
  17. General Board
    First I must apologise for starting this thread in the wrong place (kharlovka ASR) If you would consider signing please Click this link to sign the petition "For the introduction of non-lethal means of control of the Otter (Lutra- lutra)" For the introduction of non-lethal means of control of...
  18. English Rivers
    Happy New Year all and wishing you all the best for 2018 on the river. If you are making plans for booking trips, the planned Kielder release schedule has been announced which may assist you. You can view this on following webpage: Tyne Release Kielder
  19. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    I found this video, I think from Canada, I thought it showed in clear terms, how Salmon should be handled prior to a successful release, I thought it was informative. Before this I always thought the maximum you could safely keep a fish out of water was 15 seconds, according to this it's 5 secs.
1-20 of 24 Results