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  1. Fly Tying Topics
    Found some BUG-BOND in a drawer, think I must have bought this when it first came out, never opened it till today, still seems to work. What resins are recommended these days ? Search for uv resin brings up loads for crafting and nails are these any good ?
  2. General Board
    Sitting out the lockdown here in Newfoundland, Canada I’ve had lots of time to read and reread some of my many salmon fishing books. After reading the interesting parts of “Fisherman’s Pie”, mainly the contributions from A.H.E. Wood and Ernest Crosfield, I’ve started in on “Fishing the Floating...
  3. General Board
    What size of flies at what time of year is recommended
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    What a load of rubbish - not recommended. Cabin fever has set in.
  5. River Spey
    Hi all, we are going to spend our summer vacation in lovely Scotland and will stay the first week near Glenfeshie / Aviemore. I also intend to spend 2-3 days fishing the spey. Some questions though: - Is it recommended for visitors to book licenses through fishpal or can I get them in local...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Quirky , but a grand cuppa. Good selection of cakes , and the nicest toasted cheese I've had in a while. Recommended Unorthodox Roasters | Speciality Coffee | Wholesale
  7. Loop
    Everyone has their own preference, but I have to say I get on fine with them, and have used them in a variety of situations. I'm interested to know what lines you use for the 9wt, in my experience, the recommended GL GDC is 36gr(554grains), I use a 575 rio skagit max and goes well. I think...
  8. General Board
    probably of general interest, recommended reading. Engelsk sammendrag av arsrapport 2017
  9. Others
    For the past few years my 8 weight Sage One switch rod has been used with either an 8 weight Rio SSVT or a Rage 510. Now in both cases I find them a bit clumpy and splashy on delivery, the SSVT needs at least 10 ft polys. on the end of the tips and the Rage needs 15ft polys.. Last year I bought...
1-9 of 9 Results