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  1. News & Features
    Hi, I’m looking to buy a shimano rear drag reel for salmon, fly and spinning, any. recommendations. Needs to be strong and free when spinning last.
  2. Video Gallery
    Morning folks, anyone fish the Coquet in Northumberland?? What’s it like? If so any recommendations for early season /spring beats?? Cheers
  3. Favourite Beats & Rivers
    Afternoon all. Fishing the North Tyne at Chesters next week. Any recommendations on tactics, flies etc are most welcome. Thanks
  4. Rod Building
    Recommendations for rod building materials and blanks.
  5. Hardy
    Just got my hands on an immaculate 16ft #11 Marksman 2 T-Series and am wondering if anyone out there has used one,If so what Shooting Heads did you find best on it,I have 44g Guideline 3Ds,MacKenzie DTx 44g 2Ds and Scientific Angler Ultimate Scandi Taper in 3Ds 44g also Carron Jetstream 55ft...
  6. Rods
    Looking for new floating head for above, any good recommendations ?
  7. Lines
    Hi, looking for a line to put on my new purchase. Any recommendations appreciated and anyone with something for sale even better. Can’t post in wanted section yet but I’m an active forum member that has bought a lot so have those that can vouch for my integrity. Thanks in advance Lyndon
  8. Rookies Corner
    Hi just bought the Oracle IV second hand, looking to buy an integrated spey type line..any recommendations...its 14 ft 9 inches rated 10/11 Cheers
  9. General Board
    Looking for a hold-all for a weeks trip abroad to hold the waders/boots/ jacket , couple of travel salmon rods & some clothing. Any recommendations ? Thanks Old kipper
  10. Guideline
    Has anyone tries a Spey line on one of these? Any recommendations
  11. General Board
    Looking for recommendations for a useful tube fly box, mainly for use on the water/bankside. I've got a few different compartmented plastic boxes but I've got a terrible dread that one day a strong gust of wind or a fumble on my part will see my flies either on the ground in the twilight or...
  12. Guideline
    As per title...Not done a huge amount of salmon fishing so looking for recommendations please. Thanks Matt
  13. General Board
    Hi Guys Does anyone know where I can get some waders repaired. They are breathable waders, and I don't really want to buy another pair. I've got 3 pairs and 2 leak. Any recommendations appreciated.
  14. Airflo
    Just acquired above rod , looking for line recommendations for 2 hand spey casting
  15. Rookies Corner
    Hello, I use Rio 3d and single weight scandi shooting heads in size 10/11. I have had 2x Rio connect shooting lines snap on me in the last 2 or 3 years. Any recommendations what other brands to try for more reliability please? Many thanks Morse
  16. Rods
    Looking for a new spinning rod but unsure which one to go for, any recommendations? I'm looking for a 10' Thanks in advance.
  17. General Board
    Off to Sweden shortly chasing silver, whilst I’m a big fan of owner trebles in Ireland for tubes, they don’t fare too well over there, size and power of the fish is unreal. Any recommendations for alternatives please?
  18. Lines
    Hi,have just bought a Shakespeare Oracle Switch rod 8/9 weight,looking for recommendations on suitable lines to match this rod Many Thanks Phil.
  19. Guideline
    Hello all, Just picked this rod up and wondering if any of the Guideline gurus here recall the window Guideline originally recommended for this rod? Would also like to know other's recommendations from personal experience. I know tastes very, so I'll bear this in mind. Thanks in advance...
  20. Rods
    Considering a new or s/h switch rod in a #7 or #8 line rating - any recommendations? Thanks, Daryl
1-20 of 44 Results