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  1. Sea Trout Fishing
    I need to replace my head torch for night time sea trout fishing - any recommendations? I'd like one that has a red light, which you can turn on without having to go through the bright white light first if that makes sense. All the ones I've had in the past you've had to click through the order...
  2. Shooting Heads
    Looking for a scandi line recommendation for a 13’ 2” loop cross sx #8 Cheers
  3. General Board
    Just got this rod. Season doesn't start until 1st Feb up here so I haven't had a chance to use it. I prefer spey lines but I note that Shakespeare recommend: Spey= 40grms/48ft. This seems a tad on the heavy side for a rod rated at #7/8? e.g. the Gaelforce #8/9 is 34g/54ft and the #9/10 is...
  4. General Board
    Guideline TPac LXI Switch 8/9 - Line recommendations Hi Just got one of these from Norris's , would appreciate ant info on the right lines. I also would like a skagit recommendation or Switch Chucker for Canada. Many thanks Jono
  5. General Board
    Anyone sent any long rods over the North Sea if so who did you use and what sort of price should I be looking at. ?? Always good to get a recommendation rather than pick one on price and it turns out to be shiiiiiiiiitttt. Any help most appreciated. Chris
1-5 of 5 Results