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  1. Fishing Clothing
    Please recommend light vest with few pockets for salmon flies.
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    Hunter industrial Waders Looking for some new waders just now. Has anyone tried these? Anyone recommend? Cheers Mows
  3. Rod Building
    I have crushed a stripping ring :doh: and would like it replaced to match the manufacturers original finish, its not a rod I want to practice my epoxy skills on! Im located mid Wales and wondered if forum members know of a member reasonably local to me they would recommend carry out the work? I...
  4. Others
    I’ve taken advantage of the new Slingshot 3 being launched by picking up the previous model at a reduced price. Can anyone recommend a line weight for this rod? I’m thinking 33G based on the Short Speedline 8/9 specs? Robert
  5. General Board
    On the hunt for an 11-12ft rod. I see norris' have the guideline lxi switch rod for sale just now for a fair price. Has anyone got this rod / recommend it? Any other rods that forum members would recommend in the 11-12ft range?
  6. General Board
    Just bought a Hardy Demon Switch Fly Rod, 11ft #7/8 today and was wondering what lines would you guys recommend that would suit it..... looking forward to opinions.... cheers A
  7. Rod Building
    Hi all, I have a Bruce and Walker Powerlite 15' #10 and am thinking of a complete refurb of the rod, ie: new eyes,whippings,real seat, handle . Anyone on here recommend anyone? I'm in Fife. It's either that or I'll end up buying another????
  8. General Board
    Has anyone had success with the no win no fee solicitors in respect of the above that advertise online. ? If so can you recommend one.
  9. Sage
    Hi all, just after a recommendation if possible. I have recently acquired a Sage Z-axis 15' rod, upon inspection I have noticed that the bottom ring insert has worn a v section, which will end up catching on the line. Could any recommend anyone who would be able to replace this? thanks in...
  10. Other Tackle
    I need to buy some for shrimp patterns and for use with wee hitch flies. What would you guys recommend for I'm even more wary of hook strength (or lack of) in small sizes than anything else! Thanks
  11. General Board
    Hi all, I’m in the market for some new Wading Boots and having eyed up the Simms G3, I see there’s some good prices on the Patagonia Foot Tractor Boots, but have no idea how good they are. Can anybody recommend, or not? I recently had some Guideline Boots which I thought were good, but then...
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    I have been looking at some Black Friday offers - can anyone recommend a decent bean to cup coffee machine so I can see if there are savings to be had? We have a De'Longhi Magnifica at work. So so. Makes a decent cup of coffee but flashes mardy lights at us a lot. I've seen the Sage Barista...
  13. General Board
    On the hunt for new waders, any recommendations? Wear them pretty hard and enjoy some wild fishing. Was looking at freestones / vision ikons. Anything else anyone has used and recommend?
  14. General Board
    Hi forks I got myself a loop cross s1 12 foot 7 rod line advice?looking at the loop GDC shooting head line and loop SDS Scandi line what do yours recommend Line size too? any information Greatly appreciate thanks
  15. General Board
    I need to move into the 21C but like the old double taper lines for Spey Casting and would like a rod to suit these. Can anyone recommend the 14' Loop Optic Classic Spey for the Tyne for use with these old lines please ?
  16. General Board
    Hi All, I note soe of the starnge (to me!) fishing times and days available/advertised in Iceland, but I was wondering if anybody could recommend a standard 6 days' fishing next year? Preferably May, Spetember or October. Thanks in advance. Oscar.
  17. General Board
    All, More switch rod advice required. I'm looking for a sinker for my switch rod. Around 30.5 g is the sweet spot for my rod with a floater. Anyone got something they'd recommend? Or something to sell even? Thanks, DS
  18. Hunting & Shooting
    Hi folks, my boss is looking to buy quite a few stuffed animals to pop around his house, would anyone be able to recommend a taxidermist or two that I could get in touch with? Cheers Paul
  19. Trout Fishing
    I'll be down in Bradford Monday till Friday next week for my new job induction and wondered if any members could recommend somewhere for a few hours in the evening? Thanks, Hoolet.
  20. General Board
    Just bought this rod, being an older model wondering if any of the guys on here can recommend a line that matches well with it. Torn between the rio spey line or the shooting head lines? Any suggestions welcome!
1-20 of 36 Results