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  1. Picture Gallery
    Hello all, I'm posting this request on behalf of my dad, Richard Hewitt. He collects vintage fishing tackle and has the attached photograph in his collection. It says that the man's name is John, and the photo was taken at Aberdalgie on the River Earn near Perth. Does anybody recognise the man...
  2. Picture Gallery
    Does anybody recognise this stretch of river?
  3. Picture Gallery
    House of bruar job - all I can say is it works v well and I think it had gow in the name somewhere ?.. anyone recognise?. z.
  4. General Board
    Not sure if posted before, apologies if i missed it, but an educational video from the North East of Scotland. I am sure many will recognise the rivers, locations and one or two faces DCH
  5. General Board
    Which pool is this?? Some might recognise it...
1-5 of 5 Results