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  1. Classified Wanted
    Just wondering if anyone has the above line in a 10/11 rating they would be willing to sell?
  2. Classified Sales
    Hi All, have a brand new Hardy SDSL 6000 Reel for Sale, has brand new Rio 20lb backing. Bought this for my switch rod but I'm sticking with my Loop Opti. Line Rating: 6,7,8 £250 delivered. Darra
  3. General Board
    Having used single numbered AFTMA fly rodsfor nigh on 30 years and still use a 12ft 9 inch 9 weight for the River Wear, i now find myself looking for a 14 footer for the North Tyne. The problem is, is that most rods seem to be numbered for 9/10 restricting my search for a new rod. Can any one...
  4. Rookies Corner
    I'm havnt a lot of knowledge on skagit lines etc but I've seen a skagit line which is a 7/8 rating at 510 grain is this for a salmon rating rod or would it fit my 7/8 switch rod or is it too heavy
  5. Classified Sales
    This rod is a favourite of mine but the recent acquisition of a 12ft Loop Cross renders it redundant. Good condition, has landed salmon up to 26lbs and the rating of 6wt is a nonsense, it is more of an 8wt. Great wee rod. £100 inc postage in U.K.
  6. Rookies Corner
    I have a guideline 14ft 9/10 weight rod rated 525-570 grains. Rio do a 9 weight scandi shooting head at 540 grains which is within the rods rating or they do a 10 weight 580 grain which is 10 higher than rod rating. Should I stick with the 540 or go heavier with the 580. I should of asked the...
  7. Rods
    A friend ask me to get him a line for the am rod. Unfortunatey he did not give me the line rating off the rod and now he is travelleling. I guess it is 8/9 - something around 600 Grains. Can anybody give me the Information pls. Didn't find anything in the net. Thanks. Icelander05
  8. Spey Lines
    Hi My rod is a 13ft 8/9 i have seen a spey line advertised as just single figure 9 rating daft question i know but would it be suitable for my rod.
  9. Classified Wanted
    As mentioned in the title. Let me know what's out there please....
1-9 of 9 Results