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  1. Rods
    Looking for suggestions on the above. Med / fast action. # 6 switch rods rated for single hander lines , or pokers , need not apply.
  2. Shooting Heads
    Browsing the latest John Norris sale leaflet I noticed their new Ni1 Shooting head which they say will cast any sink tip whatever length or weight!! Lines vary from 420 grains/29ft rated for switch to 660 grains/ 32ft rated 10/11. From the blurb they seem to be a beefed up Rage or an extra...
  3. Rookies Corner
    Hi just bought the Oracle IV second hand, looking to buy an integrated spey type line..any recommendations...its 14 ft 9 inches rated 10/11 Cheers
  4. Waders
    What do you recon these will be like Vass-Tex 305 Breathable Waders With Neoprene Foot | North East Tackle Supplies Supposedly are extremely durable and well rated.
  5. Classified Wanted
    Hi folks, Looking for a LTS Explosive 13’6” rated #9. Many thanks, FN.
  6. Classified Wanted
    Anybody got a snowbee prestige switch line rated 5/6 that’s surplus? Let me know if you have Thanks
  7. Classified Wanted
    Hello my Forum friends and neighbours. I am looking for a G Loomis NRX 14ft rated 9/10 or 36g if you prefer to deal in those new fangled gramme thingies. Looking for the green rod please if you have one. Reply here or in PMLand. Thanks to all, Geoff
  8. Rods
    HI All, A question about B&W rods: in your experience , does the line rating match the rods actual performance or do they tend to be "under rated"? Meaning that you need a line 1 or even 2 classes above what is written on the rod, for it to perform at its best. E.g. with some older Orvis...
  9. General Board
    Advice on best integrated floating line for this rod #8 Rated....
  10. General Board
    Chaps, Something i'm a little confused about - wondering if i could rack ur brains again? i have a Loop 8132-6F (Fast Action 8# 13'2) Which i recently Purchased. I am planning to use my Rio Scandi Versitip Setup (which i already own) with this rod which should be ideal (i think) - Line rated...
  11. Classified Sales
    Ill give these 24 hrs on here first then off to Ebay. Used Hardy Swift 1025 reel. RHW easy changed. Some gravel rash, otherwise all in good order. With backing and airflo ridge running line. £170 posted Used Vosseler DC3 Reel RHW but easy change. I really like these reels great...
  12. Swap Shop
    I have 2 X mint Zpey salmon fly rods: 1. Zpey HM Signature length 13'1" Rated #9 - 30grams, 5 section. (Swapped) 2. Zpey HM Signature length 13'9" Rated #10 - 34grams, 5 section. Swap one for a Guideline LXI 12' 9" or a guideline 13' 8/9 -9/10 PM and I can forward any mails on, also would...
  13. General Board
    I know its a long shot, but does anyone have a top section for a Guideline 15' rod, 3 piece, rated 10/11, if so please PM me. Thanks. Should have said its an Guideline LPXE model
  14. Classified Wanted
    I am looking for a Zpey switch rod 11' rated for 18g or lighter. I have an 11' 20g HM Signature and love it, but would like to get one that is rated for a lighter line. The one I have can cast just as far as most 13' rods. Let me know if you have anything suitable. Thanks.
  15. General Board
    Firstly I am a seasoned Trout angler and recent convert to salmon fishing and am totally confused about salmon lines. I have two salmon rods -a Beulah 10ft 6 rated 7/8 and Loop 12ft 6 rated 8/9. I mostly fish salmon on fairly small spate rivers and mainly use the Beulah. At present I am using an...
1-17 of 17 Results