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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    is it just me or does it seem a hell of slot busier out there recently , more people, more cars supermarkets relaxing can someone enlighten me why? highest death rate in Europe and still around 600 dying each day ?
  2. Reels
    I have a new non ported Loop Classic 811. It’s a lovely looking reel, clearly well made and balances my 14ft rods perfectly. Not had the chance to use it yet thanks to Covid 19. I have read some comments about the slow retrieval rate and I can understand that but my question is if that is an...
  3. General Board
    There has been much discussion on the return rate of smolts and influences at sea. I have just read an interesting article by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust on smolts from the river Frome. Instead of just counting the smolts, they measured the length and have now shown that only 2% of...
  4. Shooting Heads
    Am I correct in thinking that in general Guideline sinking lines (all else being equal) sink much faster than for example, Rio heads apparently of the same declared sink rate? I appreciate the effective sink rate will be greatly influenced by the length of the other line sections. For example a...
  5. General Board
    Title says it all. Amazing the rate they are going at! Ypres
  6. Yokanga
    Hi folks Having just come back from yokanga, on what was a unique year, weather wise, I have managed to negotiate a group rate for next year if anyone fancies it? It is for the 7th-14th July 2017. . The rate is £7000, which includes : * Chartered flight from Helsinki to Murmansk. *...
  7. General Board
    Has anyone any information on the above rod and how would they rate it in terms of performance . Cheers.
1-7 of 7 Results