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  1. Classified Sales
    Hi I have a large amount of Rapala lures that i need to get rid of. Too many to mention! Probably upwards of 50. Please PM me if interested. Hope this AD is allowed Rob
  2. General Board
    Looking for rapala lures or any other salmon related lures is there any for sale
  3. Spinning
    anybody know what no of vmc black treble hook Rapala put on there floating /countdown lures ? or whats the best replacement ?
  4. Classified Sales
    Having a spinner clear out. 26 mostly unused spinner and lures. 12 x rolla silver bullet 3 x flying c 1 x Toby Sweden original 20g zebra in box 6x wooden Devon and mounts 1x floating rapala 3x countdown rapala The whole lot posted in UK for £75.
  5. Spinning
    Is there any real difference between them ? Jointed rapalas appear to have more movement and vibration from them than a standard rapala, do they catch as many fish as the standard type rapala? Or are they better suited for a particular kind of water ie coloured or really rough? Cheers Al
  6. Spinning
    Does anyone know where the rapala esko lures can be purchased? I’m not having much success.
  7. General Board
    I always use a rapala knot for my salmon flies,I like the freedom it gives your fly to move enticingly in the current.i also feel it improves my catches. Just my humble opinion but it works for me. Who else uses. Rapala knot for their flies ? And your opinions
  8. Classified Wanted
    Hi just asking if anyone is selling some Rapala CD in black/gold and pearl white WHY. Many Thanks
  9. Classified Sales
    Hi. I am Selling my Rapalas & a few other Spinners; some are new & some have had very little use: 9 x Rapalas 1 x Rapala Spinner Lure 1 x Shapeshifter Minnow 5 x Toby Type Lures £32 Delivered Now SOLD, Many Thanks, :)
  10. General Board
    I managed to pick up some rapala maxrap lure on the cheap, was going to to give a bash for salmon, anyone used these for salmon? Also did you remove front and back treble and tay rig it like vision 110s? Any info would be appreciated cheers.
  11. General Board
    Got some bargain price floating Rapala type lures last year, yet to have a swim. Got them out to put in the tackle box and they're far bigger than I thought at 120mm, with 3 massive trebles each. They'd look far more at home in a Pike tackle box to my mind, or using off the rocks for Bass Some...
  12. Rookies Corner
    Many people recommend tying smaller flies on with a Rapala knot to give more movement in the water. As a confirmed tucked blood knot man I need a You Tube link to the version experienced users use because there are a number of variations out there.
1-12 of 12 Results