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  1. Classified Sales
    Have a range of heads here that I just don't like. £22 each to include postage Note: Both 8/9s sold
  2. Classified Sales
    I am moving on some of my older Salmologic rods in order to make way for the new range if anyone is interested please PM me and I will let you know what is available
  3. Skagit Lines
    Like it has a long enough name so you'd think it should cast far :confused: Anyone been using these in the 600 to 680 range, thoughts opinions and what not?
  4. Classified Wanted
    Looking for something in the 13ft range, anything decent considered.
  5. General Board
    Lts Valhalla Has anyone used this rod which is supposed to Be a replacement for the very popular X1 range. I would be looking for info.on the 13'6" model for a 9 line. Any help most appreciated.
  6. Picture Gallery
    Was on the river last night after sewin and fished the flood and ebb of the tide and not a fish was touched or seen. Conditions seemed to be perfect. :confused: With the tide came a shoal of mullet so decided to make the most of it. Managed 2 fish in the 3-4 lb range at about 10 pm .Great...
  7. Rods
    Been using an LTS Explosive 13'6" 9/10 6 piece for about 3 months and think it is genuinely one of the best rods I have ever cast. I get to try a lot of rods on the beat from guests and struggle to find something that even comes close to it. I know rods and their actions are a personal thing...
  8. Fly Tying Topics
    Well, there's another one down. Just as i was getting the notion again. . Its not even 12 months old and seen very little use as well.. I feel like an upgrade though rather than a replacement So.... has anyone any recommendations for a general purpose rotary vice in the £200-250 range?
  9. Rods
    Just ordered the above. I know from reviews I've read that this is a fairly fast and powerful rod. It also seems it can deal with lines within a relatively wide weight range. I prefer a lighter load when casting and would be interested to know which shooting heads folk are currently throwing...
  10. General Board
    My new club on the mid Ribble has some excellent fly water above all the main tribs and it's only small compared to the big Ribble. I'm considering buying a mid range switch set up for the smaller sections where 13/14 foot feels over gunned. Iv been looking at the greus Gr60 switch 7/8, what's...
  11. General Board
    So, I have offered to gather some info for my mate who is planning getting his dad a retirement present of a salmon set up. I'm trying to keep things fairly under control with spend so looking at low-mid range rods/reels. I have a number of Shakey rods in my collection which are fine so a...
  12. General Board
    I have a wide range of Vision tackle from boots to waders, jackets, rods, heads and reels and I've always seen them as excellent quality and value for money - my faith in them has been justified. Just recently I took apart an early #7/9 XLA reel to clean it and surprisingly the head came off the...
  13. Swap Shop
    I have the above rod in perfect condition and looking to swap for something of similar quality in the 13ft range. If you have something to offer please drop me a PM. Kenny
  14. General Board
    Rated a 7# is this stick similar to the other double handers in the range going better with a line one up?
  15. Rookies Corner
    Hello. As a new-ish member to the forum I need some help in starting to build a salmon fly collection. As a converted trout fisherman I am baffled by the enormous range of salmon patterns out there and wondered if any forum members might be able to advise and sell me some flies. Am cutting my...
  16. Trout Fishing
    Just been given this delightful little rod by a friend. Mint condition and accompanied by an Okuma Sierra reel, which is a copy of a System 2 complete with brake calliper drag, and loaded with a Cortland 444 Peach DT4. The line probably won’t be used but the rod and reel may yet be put to good...
  17. Zpey
    Just a quick heads up about the Zpey Ztealth range available in Zwitch single/switch and the DH range with various handles, we had a day casting the range on the Teifi last week and all were paired with the new reels and the Zen Z1 was the star reel. The Zwitch rods can be used as a normal...
  18. General Board
    Just a heads up for everyone the Scottish Fly Fair is on this weekend 10/11th March at the Stirling Court Hotel, doors open from 10am. We will be there with the full array of Salmologic rod, reels and lines. There is room for a cast at the show so bring along your own rods if you wish to try a...
  19. News & Features
    EA options - consideration of proposals re management of english salmon rivers Those who made formal comments on the above consultation, and left an E-mail address, should receive today the range of ideas the EA are now considering for their final proposal: 3 options for NE net Fishery at page...
  20. Classified Sales
    Have decided to just keep the jacket from the sweats suite so trousers are available. Superb new sasta EXP extreme performance trousers . in size large Top of the range trousers for fishing or shooting £80 posted UK cost £140
1-20 of 29 Results