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  1. Trout Fishing
    I investigated another local footpath today: getting to know these rather well now. This one for much of its path followed a couple of tiny brooks. I even found a junction pool where two met to double their size to the colossal width of perhaps 4ft. Interestingly even after a month of no rain...
  2. Grayling Fishing
    Out with the pin today for a quick couple of hours. Lost several nice fish before landing this poor ol girl. With a hole in her flank.Fought well and swam off strong. Then the rain came down and put paid to that Sewinfly............
  3. General Board
    Forecast rain this week fingers crossed it comes,last few weeks for the Cree then it will be nith,and tweed
  4. Northern European Style Patterns
    Some of you guys know that I became a great fan of the Northern European style after tying Ryan Huston's Wilkinson Sunray years ago. I looked at it and knew it would catch steelhead here in Alaska. It did, then came the Dee Monkey that Patrick posted up and my box compartments filled up with...
  5. General Board
    Hope this rain forecast for the weekend comes to something, desperately in need of a few days fishing
  6. General Board
    Hi all, Just booked to fish the home beat at Darnaway in the last week of July. Has anybody fished it? What’s it like? Any hints and tips to help me get the maximum out of the trip. Obviously we will need a bit of help from the heavens ( rain )! All help will be much appreciated Many thanks
  7. Picture Gallery
    .Not often for a blue sky no rain or wind in Co Mayo .Dun Briste Downpatrick Head Sea Stack Climb.
  8. General Board
    I was wondering if like last summer when there is little rain and a poor salmon run, will those salmon run in the spring?
  9. General Board
    Not long left now to the season is over so just a few good days rain be nice to get out And give today's effort a swim
  10. General Board
    A few reports on rivers ,mostly coloured fish being caught ? as Martin the Fisher explained on the Border Esk rivers thread on coloured fish caught on Burnfoot ? also on Dochfour beat on the Ness all coloured , plenty of coloured fish on the Tay and Spey too I reckon there will be a better...
  11. General Board
    I think finally it has arrived hopefully we see a big spate in the more I’ve never seen rain like it so fingers crossed I,ll fish a flea Monday night
  12. General Board
    How much longer will the fish in our rivers last this spell with no. Fresh water, I’ve had 1 days fishing since the start of the season and am about to fire in the towel if we dnt get rain soon , plz plz rain
  13. General Board
    I'm almost reluctant to share more of these dismal reports but it's better to be informed ... One in three fish caught never makes it to the plate - UN report | Environment | The Guardian Cheers one more time PS Anyone up for a midnight rain dance? If we all did one, in our pelts of course...
  14. General Board
    I've added a post about how things went on post #3............. Currently there is one river that is not totally flooded by runoff from snow pack and glaciers. The bottom 3 miles of that river is held back by a huge glacial river called the Susitna which is very high with runoff. The big...
  15. General Board
    In my part of east Scotland we have had no measurable rain now for about three months, in fact nothing since the snow melted. Rivers are on their bones, salmon fishing a waste of time and money, crops looking very burnt and grass stopped growing. Temperatures in the mid 20s with the sun...
  16. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Well wife back at work , boys off to school , nothing like a bit of free time waiting on some rain
  17. General Board
    TOP ROD Looking ahead to next week, the weather is set to remain unsettled as low pressure continues to dominate. It has been cool and blustery today with heavy rain affecting many northern parts of the country. Monday will see... Scotland's first online salmon fishing magazine | SSFS
  18. General Board
    That this is the first thread on the impending low system approaching tomorrow :cool: Glorious rain on the way. Who needs it? Cheers WD
  19. General Board
    Rain radar showing a good lump of rain moving in !!! Will it Rain Today? | Rain radar for the UK | Going to rain? | MeteoGroup
  20. Picture Gallery
    Here are two photos of fish from last week on the Dionard. The salmon was quite a big one for the river, estimated at about 10 or 11 lbs. The sea trout was exactly 8lbs from the loch off the bank in conditions which could best be described as challenging. Lashing rain, gale force winds so strong...
1-20 of 23 Results