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  1. General Board
    I was reading the obituary of Tim Benn in The Times (28 October 2019) in which it was reported that he started off his fishing career using a tank radio aerial as his first fishing rod. I am of the vintage who can recall seeing these advertised in Exchange & Mart and other publications. How...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    The R4 series " Soul Music " is always worth a listen but today's programme " Shine on You Crazy Diamond " was outstanding radio. The story of Floyd's tribute to Syd Barrett interwoven with the tragic story of Paul Gascoine's nephew , as told by his Mother. Well worth half an hour of your time...
  3. General Board
    Don't know whether it has been discussed here previously (apparently Brian May has been fronting a campaign), but I heard about this on the radio earlier today. Presumably it will apply to hair and fur for fly tying as well? Labour pledges ban on fur imports to the UK
  4. General Board
    There was an interesting half hour this afternoon at 3.30pm channel 4 radio, just maybe a glimmer of hope for the younger generation and ones to follow, but for me to late. Its about time somebody stood up and looked at how to feed all those mouths in an alternative way as not to kill off the...
  5. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    I've been getting in a grump about fish farms recently. Writing to various groups and people including at Radio 4: Farming today; the Food Programme; You and Yours; and, Costing the Earth. Farming Today had a short item, as did the Today prog. Now, next Tuesday Tom Heap on Costing the Earth...
  6. General Board
    My son was interviewed for Radio Scotland Programme. Iona had never fished before and was finding out about beginner course on River Dee. Some of you have fished with Craig. And yes you guesssed correctly BBC Radio Scotland - Out for the Weekend, 11/08/2017
1-6 of 6 Results