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  1. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Inspired by DrPatrickT's excellent posts on Tay Shrimps. Naturally I had to much about with it a bit and it has a Rabbit wing.... sorry;)
  2. Step by Step
    I had a request for a SBS for this style of pattern. Thankfully they are easy to tie and as its my first SBS ...go easy :lol: 1. Required: * Hook of your choice * Rabbit/Zonker strips (3mm or 4mm thickness max) * Dubbing of choice - i like the Hareline dubbing as it brushes out well * 3D...
  3. Other Videos
    COMO CAMBIAR EL CONCEPTO QUE TIENES... - Grupo Ornitologico Alcedo
  4. General Board
    March 19th, looking at the FishPal levels, I think there’s a rabbit off with the Hexham levels, probably the last five days. They are much higher than they should be vs Corbridge, with nothing coming down. And it’s not completely unreasonable either for the uninitiated, so could be misleading...
  5. Hunting & Shooting
    Well out the last day with a nice man offa here :p:p got there about 10,30 first set netted up then rabbit bolted and slipped the net but the ferreting ninja :D:D caught it in mid air before it made a break for freedom . Then a few sets later whilst we were netting up a set a rabbit...
1-5 of 5 Results