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  1. Spey Lines
    A Kiwi on seeing my Carron Jetstream staggered - too orange ! Then collapsed when shown an ivory/white Rio Longcast. In NZ those would send fish back to sea or cause them to scatter at least. Even over broken , turbid water they spook fish, before one smacks them onto the surface. ''Bin 'em or...
  2. News & Features
    ...Front page of the Times tomorrow. The ‘all at sea’ excuse we hear a lot may come into question.
  3. Site Help and Suggestions
    A friend is trying to register on this forum and the registration form is asking : "Random Question: What day is it today?" As to day is Thursday that is what is being entered but the attempt is denied with "The answer given for the random question was incorrect." What gives? It was...
  4. General Board
    Hi Guys, I've recently bought a Snowbee Prestige 10'#4 for Grayling this winter-seems to be a really good, light rod !! My question is, have Snowbee done away with the Geo (nano resin) model as I can find some stock clearance of the Geo resin model for less than the price of the Prestige (non...
  5. Shooting Heads
    Hello all, this question goes out to anyone using a 15' + rod. I already have a Carron 75' for mono leaders and a Rio flight 750 for t14 heavy stuff, I'm looking for something kind of in the middle. I'm thinking that maybe a Airflo Rage 660 @32' with 14'to 16' polyleaders might be a good fit for...
  6. Sage
    Hello all, just a quick question for anyone that owns or has used a 16' Z-Axis. I'm thinking that an Airflo Rage 660 with 14'+ polyleaders might be a good fit for this rod. I already have a Carron 75' for light leaders and a Rio flight 750 for t14 heavy stuff, I'm looking for something kind of...
  7. Rods
    Hi all, I have a rod buying question: I have a 585 grain Rio Windcutter versitip at 54.5 feet long, including the various tips and additional 30 sinking heads. I bought it in the late '90s and it is still pristine. It always felt like a lot of line, but if I am to buy an inexpensive multipiece...
  8. Sea Trout Fishing
    Question for anyone. I fish the Wear, Tyne and Coquet for salmon and sea trout and tonight I knocked up this surface lure. The question is under the local EA bye laws you must not fish from one hour after sunset until one hour before sunrise with a hook that won't go through a 10mmtube. Both the...
  9. Hunting & Shooting
    The question now of course is how the hell do I cook it?
  10. Waders
    I know that this may be a stupid question but hear goes. I have decided to upgrade my waders and retire my airflo Super tuff chest waders( which are good and will probably use for sea fishing) Not wanting to or willing to spend a fortune, have been looking at the Vision Ikon waders which after...
  11. General Board
    Hi, i have came into a quality greenheart trout rod- 9'#6 line. I plan to use it this year for dries and buzzers. My question is, which type of varnish is best for touching up the whippings ? Would a touch-up with " hard as nails" be ok or even " zap a gap" ??
  12. Fishing Videos
    Salmon diaries - part 2 - 'interlopers' Second part of 'Life on the Redds' - this one is about a question of paternity :D
  13. Rookies Corner
    Hello to the Administrators ! I didn’t know where to place my question. So I am here for a stupid technical question... When writing a reply and want to submit it, I was asked to log in again, although I was already logged in. Okay: log in again - and my reply is gone! Where is it and what have...
  14. General Board
    Just got the news at 3am this morning that I am now a Grandad.?? A 7lb 9oz baby girl for my daughter, on the last day of the season too! Better than any fish today! Not posting any photos as someone is bound to question the weight.?
  15. Shakespeare
    Hi All, Whilst waiting for my rod to arrive I've searched and found lots of useful information for recommended lines but I'm still not sure if I should load 1 up or not. As I'm new to the salmon game - trout fisherman here - I thought I would not spend many ££ at first. I've been looking at...
  16. General Board
    Question for you all. Do you prefer weed in your river or no weed in your river? River weed that is lo..... St
  17. Rookies Corner
    Hi all, being new to salmon/sea trout fishing I have just bit the bullet and bought a Shakespeare oracle switch rod kit. I know it's not the most expensive kit out there but it's what I can afford so........ I need to practice casting with this. My question is will casting on grass cause any...
  18. General Board
    I was fishing at first light this morning, wading knee depth at the top of a pool. I saw a log about ten yards below and slightly closer to the bank and thought how did that float past without me noticing it? You guessed, it was an otter, which dissappeared as quickly as it appeared! My question...
  19. General Board
    Now I'm a novice fly fisher so this is probably a stupid question but it is something that was mention when I was thinking between a spy and shooting line. I have purchased a shooting head but this has been in my mind ever since. I have never actually though about fly speed very much, The only...
1-19 of 19 Results