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  1. Scottish Rivers
    Well we are Category 3 but it doesn't mean there won't be something about to pull your string.
  2. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    The three patterns invented by the Allgood family circa 1900 for the North Tyne beat and published by Kelson in Tips in 1906. They are The Nunwick (the one with the JC - Rev Allgood), Red Tag - all red/claret body (Rev Allgood), and Eve's Fancy with the topping wing (Miss M Eve Allgood). All...
  3. General Board
    About 12 years ago we invested in four new outboards... Yamaha four strokes 4HP and they were rubbish. Always problems with with gearboxes,(Jumoing out of gear), condensation into internal fuel tanks, prop damage due to eejits reversing into rocks etc and fuel tap issues. They were a nightmare...
  4. General Board
    Many heading out to fish the Tay etc tomorrow? Rivers at least are settling and it’s supposed to be a decent day. Be great to prise myself off this couch and get a day on the river with a chance of a pull or even an elusive bar of silver. Tight lines to all heading out and remember the pictures KF
  5. General Board
    I've been fly fishing for 30+ years but until very recently, never for salmon. So choosing salmon flies is a bit of a mystery to me. For a start, there's no matching the hatch - for obvious reasons - even so, shrimp imitations are very popular. I watched two chaps choose some flies in a shop...
  6. Rookies Corner
    Keep getting half hearted takes, usually on the dangle or near the end of the swing. Trying hard not to strike on the first pull I feel but is there any secret ? Left it in the water after the first pull and on the second it felt a decent fish so lifted the rod up and thought fish on but...
  7. Other Videos
    Test at 2.30 ,and 3.30. As fishing for decades in boats i never seen a Jacket work before ,so i decided to try out 2 . Parmaris .and Marine pool.Parmaris was the best result .I know it would be more difficult with fishing gear on and no Wet suit .,As for climbing back into lake boat...
  8. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Last wan for a while time pull the waders oan
  9. General Board
    Been out the last three nights for salmon as there was a lift in the water ;) Wed nite hooked 5 seatroot and got two off them both around the 2lb mark ;) Had a right good weighty pull of what must of been a ***** but didn't stick :( Then thursday went for two hours and got another seatroot...
1-9 of 9 Results