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  1. General Board
    Bought this line recently used it no more than half a dozen times, it's full of cracks already. Should I bin it or take my chances? Has anyone had any similar problems with lines.
  2. General Board
    Looking to give a someone a lazer etched ,acid etc picture of a fantastic catch they had onto crystal glass ,whiskey tumblers etc in a presentation box. Have Googled with no problems but there is nothing like a recommendation if good with a company they have dealt with. Cheers Sewinfly. .....
  3. General Board
    Hi all, As many of you noticed the site's security certificate expired last night so you will have had problems accessing the forum. It's meant to be automatically renewed - clearly this didn't happen so I'll be looking into why not. We don't have 24 hour administrator support, it's just me...
  4. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    First tying for a wee while due to cervical disc problems. Hoping to get back into it without too much discomfort.?
  5. General Board
    Anyone using heavy mono as running line and if so what BS and make would you recommend also have there been any problems with it? ie tangling or kinking. Thanks in advance
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Not so much a full on angling show but I dont think its meant to be. I enjoyed the companiship that the 2 guys have and obviously been friends for many years. Have always liked them in their shows and both have had health problems and no better way to relax next to a pond It was a relaxed show...
  7. Classified Sales
    Selling my last Patagonia waders. Size M- long (sized very similar to Simms). Foot 10/11. They have been used about 30 times, so still have a lot of life. No problems with water here. £95. I have more pics on request. Thanks.
  8. General Board
    Anyone else having problems with the forum today ? Seems to be running very slow, some threads not even opening at all. Using an ipad pro with 70mb/sec, all other webpages loading fine
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    Was wondering if any one else has problems with the laces on there boots. Mine are only held in by a small press stud and have easily pulled out leaving it almost impossible to get them tied up. They are a good quality make and this is the third pair this has happened to. Does anyone know were I...
  10. Other Tackle
    Hi All I've had repeated problems with RIO lines and tips with them cracking immediately in front of the welded loop. Guide Flyfishing who handle warranty and repair issues for RIO have been very good and have gone as far as speaking with Simon Gawesworth at RIO about the problems but the...
1-11 of 11 Results