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  1. Running Lines
    I was out at the weekend and whilst I was getting a reasonable line out, every 10 - 12 casts I seemed to be getting running line tangles. I was figure of 8 retrieving and also roly polying, from looking, the running line was twisting a bit, and then when i was collecting the line to wrap over...
  2. General Board
    The problem with farmed salmon
  3. General Board
    This is the third pair of Simms boots I have had. They have however altered the depth of tread on the sole and the Simms Hardbite studs do not give any grip as they do not protrude above the sole. Anyone else found this problem?.:help:
  4. General Board
    I have spoken highly of the suitability of this line to my style of casting and fishing with my Oracle switch rod. Unfortunately I have now encountered a problem which is very annoying. Basically, one very little used line cracked badly about 18ft to 24 ft from the tip of the line. The cause...
  5. General Board
    My wife, God bless her soul, has just bought me an inflatable life jacket. While obviously concerned for my well-being, the life jacket effectively stops me getting access to all the pockets in my fishing vest and/or waterproof jacket. In addition, any flies with treble hooks attached to the...
  6. General Board
    I haven't seen this posted elsewhere - Is there a problem with salmon farming? A much less favourable review of the industry.
  7. General Board
    anyone else have a problem posting in the classifieds while using tapatalk? the rest works fine but in the marketplace can't post anything be it selling or wanted is it because I havnt had enough posts while using the app? as on the main site I can do it no problem I rarely use the taps talk...
  8. Picture Gallery
    Just a heads up that the site now seems to upload bigger file sizes again (just uploaded a couple of over 5 MB). Previously there seemed to be a problem over 2 MB.
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    On holiday doing a few Greek islands and I've been doing some fishing getting better results than I would in the UK but can I upload picture of the fish?? Can I **** because this forum always has a problem. Can't do this,not allowed to do that,gets stuck and ads popping up from every angle. What...
  10. General Board
    A specially trained sniffer dog called Macca has been flown in from New Zealand with its owner to the Orkney islands to hunt down Stoats supported by the Scottish natural heritage and the RSPB. Is it not ironic that the SNH and the RSPB can pick and choose which animals they feel are a problem...
  11. General Board
    Just wondering what is the views are on "handling fish" ? There has been many studies which say that handling fish out of the water in any way will disrupt its internal organs and it wont spawn and will probably die also that the bacteria off your hands will kill it ....... whats your view's? I...
  12. Trout Fishing
    What should I do if...........? I am genuinely fishing for trout but start to catch grayling - more than just the odd one , in fact as many grayling as trout . If the situation was reversed and I was catching out of season trout in the grayling season I would move to a different stretch of water...
  13. Classified Sales
    Have been a member of this forum for a few years now. have wondered why I could not post in the classified ads. So after a little bit of investigation work carried out by the editor in chief Mr Paul sharman The problem seems to be the app Tapatalk. No button available in the classified ads...
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    I uploaded pictures from my phone (android) and the images are enormous! I've never had a problem before but can't see how to resize them? Any help :help:
  15. General Board
    Recently it seems that the flagging of notifications stays on the personal bar at the top of the page even when the correspondence has been opened but does not need a further response to the poster. This is annoying! The colour flag used to disappear once the PM had been read!
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    Seems it's been known about for some time. Corvids are well-known for their problem solving abilities - now, clearly, raptors too. These birds of prey are deliberately setting forests on fire
  17. Rookies Corner
    I went to try my rod and line today, I used a piece of wool instead of a fly but found it just skipped up the water, when I slowed it down it improved but I could still see the wool moving back on the forward stroke, I stopped and changed the wool to aprox 2" of pipe cleaner that was a lot...
  18. General Board
    Firstly I have sent and received PMs without problems......until yesterday! Am somewhat annoyed as one was part of a long discussion and took a lot of time to compose. I sent it - but it arrived back with me. Sent it again only for it to disappear without trace. And no - I had not been...
  19. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    I am no fan of weirs or dams, not only do the pose a major obstacle to migrating fish, they pose a real problem for the whole ecology of the river system. It's pretty obvious a lot of these weirs no longer serve any useful purpose. Many of the them date back to the Industrial revolution and the...
1-20 of 26 Results