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  1. Classified Wanted
    After ruining yet another pair waders I'm looking for a pair size large used waders. Not toiling at the moment due to some health issues so looking for reasonably priced pair to get me by. Pm if you have anything Cheers in advance
  2. Classified Sales
    As above for sale. Bought on a whim earlier this year. Unused . Still bagged and tagged. Priced to to recover cost and postag Sold Hardy(R) Carryall Bag | Hardy(R)
  3. General Board
    Well taken the plunge and signed up for annual permit for these two associations. They will form the backbone of my year's fishing. Allan Water new to me. Both very reasonably priced especially for a Senior. A few days on the North Esk, the Spey and maybe the Tummel will add a bit of variation...
  4. General Board
    Good evening all, My lad who is 11 is mad keen on fishing, can anyone recommend a fairly priced fly rod suited for kids. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks
  5. General Board
    Been looking at a new jacket for 2018 the taimen jackets look good and are reasonably priced .Anyone have feedback on taimen products ? Cheers jay
  6. Shooting Heads
    I see Hardy are bringing out a 3D scandi multi tip system in sizes 6/7 (32ft/ 420 grains) to 11 (41ft/ 700 grains) and Float/Hover down to Sink3/Sink4/Sink5. The lines are priced at £59.99 each (1 line + 1 tip),so not cheap. However, the 12ft tips are £14.99 each which gives them a distinct...
  7. Fly Tying Topics
    Just got a few more cock capes from Lakeland priced £18.50 each im starting to think these capes are over priced and not of the quality of capes I used to get from Lakeland ,
  8. Spinning
    Just delivered,genuine mepps anglia,all sizes and colours,£1.30 - £1.40 each. Aliexpress,about 12 days delivery time.Apparently they are made in China,shipped to France, fancy package then priced accordingly for us mugs.Just like most of our fishing tackle.
  9. Classified Wanted
    Wading boots,12/13 jacket xl wanted Okay lads,a friend of mine has decided he would like a shot at this salmon fishing mullarky. Have managed to kit him out with everything but wading jacket and wading boots. Don't want him to splash loads of cash on them and decide he doesn't like it.looking...
1-10 of 10 Results