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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    some u tube films I though some wouldn't mind watching, pretty old and dated now but I found them interesting viewing none the less Salmon Run With Jack Charlton - YouTube A Passion For Angling - In Search of Salmon FULL FILM. - YouTube
  2. Scottish Rivers
    Had a look at this week's catches on the Tweed. 9 fish on what I think, pretty good water levels. What's going on there?
  3. General Board
    Just had a look at this week's catches on the Tweed. 9 fish on, what I think, pretty good water levels. What's going on there?
  4. Picture Gallery
    On Thursday the river had risen 2ft, yesterday the water was at the ideal 55cm so I went down to try my luck. I landed 2 and lost one other but had it on long enough not to be to concerned about losing it. This fish was pretty coloured but well rested it was near 10 minutes before I got it to...
  5. General Board
    I'll be writing a full report on J1W in due course, but in summary I had a most enjoyable week on the Coul beats on the Conon. I hooked and lost a lot of soft mouthed grilse (5), but successfully landed a sound 8 pounder and a very plump grilse.Pretty water at a good heightThursdayFriday...
  6. Classified Sales
    1 x large whiting genetic saddle - orange 1 x Wapsi hot orange cape 1 x wapsi fluo yellow cape 1 x dark Claret cock cape The orange whiting cape is like new The others are also pretty well unused Sold Thanks for looking
  7. Scottish Rivers
    Surprising to see that a new thread has yet to be started for the Thurso, so here we go! Seems to have been a steady start to the season, but with 2 fish landed yesterday - one on B3 and one on B13 - it seems they are pretty well spread through the system, and on their way in. Tight lines to...
  8. Jackets
    Well after lots of searching and considering all the advice I ordered the Vision Vector which has just arrived. At first impression it’s excellent! The material is very similar to that used on my Ikon waders and so should be pretty tough. Other than colour, it’s also very similar to my...
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    I'm getting pretty good at the pizza's now, if only you guys could smell and taste it :)
  10. Classified Sales
    original pepper pot model large capacity with 2 spare spools all with new backing and in a Simms reel case pretty much immaculate now sold
  11. General Board
    Just curious and haven't any posts about rains so I figured to ask. Here my home river is finally beginning to drop and clear a bit. There was a massive snow pack in a small area and that area sits at the head waters of this river. It's the glacial melt that keeps it flowing all year but this...
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    My eyes are burning pretty good but holy heck I can see.
  13. Rods
    Hello everyone, Has any of you tried or used the new Vision XO DH, the price is pretty much the double but the performances ...?
  14. General Board
    Hi all, I'm going to be in Scotland for work (Edinburgh) at the end of July with two days spare for fishing. Happy to drive for up to 3hrs and pay up to around £150 per day. I have very little experience of Salmon fishing - especially north of the border and wonder if I could tap your...
  15. Classified Sales
    non salmon related but if you like your sea fishing these right appeal selling*my Daiwas, an SHA20 and a SLOSH30 £85 posted for the SHA £55 the SLOSH Both pretty much*new and loaded with new braid alsocould do a deal on a swap for a 9/10 reel along with the beach rods I have up craig
  16. Picture Gallery
    Having dodged the wintery bullet the last few years mother nature appears to have got her "eye in" and has scored a direct hit this time around, indeed it is very pretty to look at but the joke is wearing a bit thin now and I want to go out :mad: Anyway here's a couple of pics of "the hood" as...
  17. Picture Gallery
    A pretty good spring beat for me in the past..... Anybody know the River, Beat, Pool....
  18. Picture Gallery
    I was lucky enough to connect with a few fish on monday and a couple very kindly allowed me to land them for a change...Getting pretty coloured at this time of year but great sport nonetheless..
  19. Classified Sales
    See the pic look all to be floaters one well used with teeth marks so it works rest are pretty much untouched. What you see is what you get. £25 posted
1-19 of 24 Results