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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    england contrive to make life easy for the aussies-typical england I'm afraid-enter as pre tournament favourites now struggling to make the semi's
  2. General Board
    Enough is enough second pair of neoprenes off to the bin. Both boot foot and both were studded by myself. I personally think after these two disasters rubber boots are not designed for studs. Soooo anyone use a decent pair of pre studded neoprene chesties . Please let me know any possible...
  3. Fly Tying Topics
    Just tried to dye a natural grey squirrel tail fluro red. Did pre warsh it and dried it to. No had many problems doing buck tail.Would it of been worth dying it a pre colour first so it would take. Sewinfly. ........
  4. Picture Gallery
    Here is one from the archives. Apologies about the quality, scanned in from pre digital days and a very dull day as well.
  5. Classified Sales
    Hi Guys, just been through the cupboards and I have some lines to move on as detailed below. Send a pm if interested. RIO Trout LT WF4F New In box pre looped Camo/ Beige £35 plus £3 P&P SOLD Scientific Anglers Ultra 4 WF5F Buckskin Took line off reel to put loops on otherwise new in its box...
1-5 of 5 Results