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  1. General Board
    I would like to pass on my thanks to kirsty from Admin for promptly sorting out my change of forum name from Conehead to Findhorn Conehead. Hopefully this will put a stop to any further confusion with posts and comments from Coneheads and Conehead, who are in fact 2 different members. Thanks...
  2. General Board
    Can someone give a logical explanation why you need 100 posts to be able to post in the wanted or for sale section. I have 52 posts (this one makes it 53 !?) but need 100 to get to be able to swap/sell stuff. BTW anyone with a reel +1 spool to suit a light double hander 12 6" feel free to let...
  3. General Board
    The box that allows me to like other posts has disappeared, any suggestions. Esk1.
  4. General Board
    Discovered today that my membership here gets me on to the Sea Trout forum too. Could anyone say if the rules re selling in the classifieds transfer over. Ie. Do my posts here count towards posting items for sale there too? Thanks
  5. English Rivers
    Why are new posts no longer highlighted in heavier print?:confused:
  6. General Board
    Anyone else having problems when clicking on the New Posts button and getting the sorry,there are no new posts to view message. But if you click the Today's Post button there are new posts. :noidea:
  7. Northern European Style Patterns
    On the Dee recently the ghillie showed me an Icelandic Friggi fly that had success last year, and hooked the only fresh fish on my trip. Basically it has a mini zonker strip each side of the tube. I found a couple of posts on the Forum about it but not a lot else. The zonkers are reported to be...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Have made a few posts on the Forum but never really introduced myself, well can't remember doing so!!! Mainly fish the Spey and Deveron with the odd foray further afield. Must try harder to get involved in posts as tried to post rods in classifieds to sell but didn't have enough posts!! 2 x...
  9. General Board
    I may have missed any posts / threads on this already posted. Apologies if I have ....
  10. General Board
    Who is the admin here now , want to message them to see what the cracks is :help::help:why i can't reply to the classifieds posts .
  11. General Board
    Hi just wondering if there is an easy way to get my posts up to 100 so I can sell some unwanted items of mine? I’ve been on the forum for quite some time now and I’m not dodgy or anything like that I just don’t write a lot on posts etc as I keep myself to myself if you know what I mean. I’m...
  12. General Board
    I became used to adds on the SFF site meanwhile and don’t want to complain about it in general. But it’s new again now when I go in, having adds in the posts directly. “Pretty Little Things” add popping up in the threads when I go in, located directly in the posts. I clicked on it “what’s that”...
  13. General Board
    There is a bobbin holder in the sales section of the forum, I do not have the required permission to reply to that post ????? Can somebody tell me why ? I'm only here since 2012 and only...
  14. General Board
    No posts form David Wilkinson recently . ?
  15. General Board
    Why can't I put anything on classifieds, I've had over 3000 posts and have been on here from almost the start?
  16. General Board
    Sooner or later some are going to notice the new type set beneath my user name, don't fret on that. I'm just able to help out if needed. I've been sorta running the American forums with another fellow for years and it really doesn't affect the content of any posts I make there and it won't here...
  17. Shooting Heads
    Hi does anybody have one for sale? I can’t post anywhere else for another 40 posts lol
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    We have a forum that we are all here for one cause, not arguing or ripping the hell out of each other. But, Salmon fishing what we all love!! We all seem to be stale in all post's and threads.......I think we need a few back such as Crispin and the like. Great photo's, great post's and all of...
  19. General Board
    Is there such an "app" out there that can be downloaded which will let me view posts that have used photo bucket pics ? There are so many posts over the years with great info, particularly the fly tying section, which are pretty much useless without the pics. Cheers CB
  20. General Board
    Evening all, Not sure if this is the correct place to post this or not but anyway.. I've got over 100 posts but yet I still cant post in the "Classified Section". Could anyone share any light on it for me? Many Thanks, Andy :)
1-20 of 25 Results