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  1. Fly Swaps
    All finished and ready for posting. Colin.
  2. General Board
    Hi sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, I’ve got a gye net I’ll be selling and want to know if anyone has experience posting a gye net, ie postage costs thanks
  3. Classified Sales
    Wychwood 24" gye net with extending handle and carry strap, it has a few scratches etc , but overall in vg condition. Would most likely need to meet up as not really suitable for posting. Looking for £35.00 NET SOLD
  4. General Board
    Anyone else having problems when clicking on the New Posts button and getting the sorry,there are no new posts to view message. But if you click the Today's Post button there are new posts. :noidea:
  5. General Board
    anyone else have a problem posting in the classifieds while using tapatalk? the rest works fine but in the marketplace can't post anything be it selling or wanted is it because I havnt had enough posts while using the app? as on the main site I can do it no problem I rarely use the taps talk...
  6. General Board
    I have noticed good catches being reported on Fishpal for the bottom of the Border Esk, Tweed, Dee and Tay (yesterday) - but nobody is posting any catches, or news of this on the forum. Have people given up on posting positive news?
  7. Site Help and Suggestions
    Not sure if this is the right place for this but I don't have permission to post attachments as below, ie a photo, any idea how I get permission to do this? Posting Permissions You may post new threads You may post replies You may not post attachments You may edit your posts
  8. General Board
    How do you go about posting pictures now from your mobile? It has been a while since I've posted but the paper clip thingy isn't working for me? I have also done a search but that unearthed nothing to help, or do with pictures at all if I'm honest! :batty: :help: Cheers andy
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    Well, what a forum we have here. I posted in general yesterday a free pair of waders for any youngster, which to me is not a sale so i didn't put in sales. So i have an email this morning to say that it has been moved to sales and closed, fair enough. I now go to members sales and in big red...
  10. General Board
    How can i block other forum members from liking or disliking posts and is they any way to block a member from posting in a post/thread.And would this also block them from sending PMs? help is needed please.
  11. General Board
    Locked out yet again from posting, this is after only 3 items within the last month. Any clues to why. I have tried to contact the powers that be but no reply.:batty:
  12. Fly Tying Topics
    Hello, Wondering the procedure for posting pics, am I missing a sticky somewhere? I know you used to have to use photo bucket, can you upload directly now? Many thanks! Forrest
  13. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    It's easier posting photos on Facebook
  14. Picture Gallery
    Guess the pool and river no 19 Guess the pool 19 Also trying to find my feet posting photos
  15. General Board
    Just got the news at 3am this morning that I am now a Grandad.?? A 7lb 9oz baby girl for my daughter, on the last day of the season too! Better than any fish today! Not posting any photos as someone is bound to question the weight.?
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    The rules; As much rubbish as possible to be posted at all times Anyone easily offended, move along down the road to the Cocktail Bar If you dont like what`s posted or who`s posting, then dont get involved or reply, Keep it light hearted, its just a bit of fun Name or post a pic of your...
  17. Picture Gallery
    I know some have expressed their disapproval at posting pictures of coloured fish, but I make no apologies for posting this. To me this is a thing of beauty. His silver hues have long gone, but now he has taken on his Autumn colours and just like the leaves this morning, both look magnificent...
  18. General Board
    What would be the best way to post three pairs of waders to DD :eek::eek: which delivery company :confused:
  19. Video Gallery
    Knut Munthe Olsen posted a video to his... - Knut Munthe Olsen Thanks to Knut Munthe Olsen for posting elsewhere
1-19 of 19 Results