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  1. General Board
    Hi, I am going to fish in Malselva from 7th of July till 18 of July. Does anyone can tell me something about the pools? Which pool should I choose and what kind of fly should I use? Better to use 13'6" #9 or 13'3" #7 ? Scandi with intermediate poly or deeper ? What is tphe normal water level...
  2. Classified Sales
    Hi. I am Selling my Gaelforce Poly Leaders which I have tied loops at the end of but most of them are new & I have included an Airflo 7 section wallet. 8 Gaelforce Poly Leaders in Total plus Airflo Wallet. 1 x 6ft 2.6 ips 1 x 10ft 2.6 ips 3 x 6ft 3.9 ips 1 x 10ft 3.9 ips 1 x 6ft 7 ips 1 x...
  3. Rookies Corner
    What is the ideal way to reloop the poly leader when the original mono loop get damaged etc, I have tried tying a loop with the coated section, but it’s a bit chunky looking as the knot seems a bit big. I tried nail knot but that stripped the coating off.
  4. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Tied on a metal tube for a bit of extra weight. My current coneheads seem a bit light even with faster poly leaders.
  5. General Board
    Even in these ever more trying times, just maybe we all have that little something that makes a difference for us, keeps us fishing, does the job effectively, make's what you do just that bit easier. For me I would have said a few years back the good old 10ft set of poly tips. However now I've...
  6. General Board
    :drum::rockon: "Its been a long time since I rock n rolled"- - - - Bah,flamin' eck,that took a long time!,Salmon are like buses, nowt for ages then along they come ! Just back from the Tay,which is reet down in the doldrums like most other rivers and things looked like they could well be a nil...
  7. General Board
    Just wondering what others use as their setup end of spring into summer. Do you for example use full floating line with sinking poly leader or intermediate. And what length of nylon or fluorocarbon? Are droppers a good idea at this time?
  8. New Member Introductions
    I'm new to Salmon fishing having fished for trout on reservoirs in club competitions for many years. I'm in a syndicate on the River Cree in Scotland (Hopeful to get on the Welsh Dee soon via CADAC), where i have usually just used the spinning rod but now I have invested in a basic salmon...
  9. General Board
    Just wondering if anyone has any idea where you can buy lengths of level tungsten leader as I want to have a go at making my own poly leaders in various lengths. I seem to remember someone on here selling it but a search of the forum doesn't throw up anything.
  10. General Board
    Advice .. Best Short sinking poly leaders on the market..
  11. Shooting Heads
    Can anyone compare Airflo and Rio poly leaders? Are they any different in their ability to turn flies over?
  12. General Board
    Is versileader or poly leader best? I like poly because it is less euro. Are they different very much
1-12 of 12 Results