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  1. General Board
    If you haven't been into the TOTM thread for February as yet then can I encourage you do so otherwise you may miss out on seeing an amazing selection of 30 Scottish fly patterns tied to a very high standard. Also, as the title states, the poll is now open and so can I encourage you while there...
  2. Tie of the month
    Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to the final poll of the 2018 Tie of the Month Competition This poll is to decide the 'Fly of the Year'. Please take a look at the winners from all of our competitions from February through November 2018, then cast your vote. The winner will get double points...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    As above a tongue in cheek poll (as requested) to gauge the members on here if Doonrod should be pardoned and allowed back into the Forum. Voting members names will be totally anonymous
  4. Methods and Tactics
    Hi Folks; Just curious to know the percentages of anglers that have taken some professional casting instruction and to what level? My guess is that having some professional casting instruction is more common in UK anglers. Still, I would also think that most anglers have none and few have any...
1-4 of 5 Results