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  1. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    A slight twist on some spring tubes with a splash of pink. These are on 20 mm T tubes. Body: Mylar piping with flu brite green butt. Wing: pink artic, yellow artic, green goat, black artic with midge and tinsel flash Throat: yellow buck Hackle: yellow hen Jc: normal or orange It shows me the...
  2. Patterns for other species
    Continuing on my old school theme and for salty seatrout box filling Sinfoils Fry ( variation with utc over pale pink floss and resin body/eyes for durability ) & the good old Whisky
  3. Northern European Style Patterns
    Based on the monkey, a pink scandi type thing for coloured waters
  4. Fly Tying Topics
    We've been playing around with some twists on prawn/shrimp patterns. This one uses pink polar bear feelers and a wing of pink and gold dyed grey goose. "The Grey Goose Prawn" :)
  5. Picture Gallery
    Managed out today, 6 hooked 3 landed, had a great run not losing fish. Was a bit of a shock to get skack line:eek: all but 1 on a junction shrimp, other on a pink shrimpy fly. Had to do a bit of surgery to get the hook out the scissors of this fella. Not the best pictures I'm afraid.
  6. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    .Caught this Pink Salmon in the Foxford waters on shrimp fly ,not much fight just one strong run then into net .will give to IFI.
  7. General Board
    .Had a Pink Salmon today on the Moy River Foxford ,took a shrimp fly .Made one screaming run then came in without ant further resistance ,will leave in to IFI .
  8. River Dee
    Looks like the Dee has had it's first pink salmon of the year
  9. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Apologies Jockie for the pink heed!! I couldn't resist!!
  10. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Got some Shrimp Pink Ice Dub ages ago and, due to a dyeing mistake, I've just got a Hackle to match. Sean Stanton 7mm tube & small conehead.
  11. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    I got bored tying standard Dee Monkeys so after seeing some comments on here about Pink working early season I put this together. Will it work? Probably not as like most experiments it will only get a go after all the usual suspects have failed.
  12. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Playing with some colour combos :cool:
  13. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Been playing about wae mc andy's double cone idea and came up with this :lol: Fluorescent pink crystal boar bristles SSS magenta glitz dubbing White schlappen... Tyed in close to the tip to keep it short SS pink cone Fluorescent pink guinea foul SS silver cone
  14. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Saw this pattern in my old man's T&S so here we are a cpl of strawberry Mackenzies Oval silver tag Orange bucktail Orange micro flash Pink pearl uv dubbing Black floss Silver oval rib Pink hackle fibers for the throat Pheasant tippet Orange micro flash Pink hackle fibers OH AND I...
  15. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Ghillie style with a bit of pink. With a uv torch on it. Colin.
  16. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Somthing wae a bit a pink for the spring
  17. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    I recently dyed some materials in fluorescent pink. Tail hackle is white guinea , head hackle is guinea and the dubbing is mohair. First one one of the year. Colin.
  18. General Board
    2019 is an odd numbered year and odd numbered years mean Pink (Pacific) Salmon in our rivers again. 2017 was a bumper year for Pinks and they were spotted forming redds in many of our rivers. So will their numbers increase this year? This is a thread to post sightings and discuss whether we...
  19. North American Fly Patterns
    Pacific style flies Recently I've been trying to get my head around the pacific salmon and steelhead style flies, in anticipation of a trip next year. It has been fun having a go at some new techniques and patterns, but still a long way to go! I might even try one or two this spring over here...
  20. Patterns for other species
    I wish I had a pound for ever time I've caught grayling on this wee pattern over the years Hanak #14 Under body 2 layers of round lead wire Olive, pink and orange glister and uv dubbing mix Clear nymph skin Nylon rib
1-20 of 44 Results