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  1. General Board
    Morning All, I’m am looking for some good quality pike fishing somewhere near(ish) to Glasgow. I tried menteith but they only allow week day fishing. Any other ideas? Thanks, DS
  2. Vendor Deals
    One of the old school models still in good nick Ideal for salmon on the bigger rivers pike or light Sea fishing. Looking for £50 posted. Pics available on request.
  3. General Board
    Made my first pike fly fishing trip of the season yesterday (about 2 hours of fishing). Very quiet at first then a couple one after the other near the end, about 3 lbs and 4 lbs. Met a "normal" pike angler who said he had been struggling to catch fish this year and last and worryingly had been...
  4. General Board
    Does anyone do this ? I have just bought a 9' 10wt vision pike rod and am looking for advice on lines and leaders, is there anybody out there :help:
  5. Spinning
    With the 2018 salmon season being a poor one I decided to see what other methods are available closer to home. I took a guided day of so called Pelagic Sharpshooting. This method is basically targeting of specific fish using sonar equipment in open waters on a boat. Our target fish of the day...
  6. General Board
    Found this on Facebook by "Toomore Healy". 3 hrs In season salmon were very scarce and rarely caught in the Moy in our area in my youth The reson for this was that various owners of stretches of the Moy to Ballina was owned by people mainly English gentlemen who had fishing rites attached to...
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Getting worse these bloody potholes....what next ?
  8. Spinning
    Amazing what you can do with some Dowel,stainless wire and some cheap nail varnish and glitter. Ready for the Salmon, Seatrout .Plus Pike and Bass if the river is on its bones all summer yet again. Most of the Metal lip Swimmers have rattles fitted. All hand carved.
  9. Classified Wanted
    Hi looking for a pike fly rod or even better a full kit. Haven't fished for pike before with the flie so not really interested in paying big money incase i don't get on with it. Anything for sale at a reasonable price give me a pm. Cheers.
  10. Patterns for other species
  11. Rods
    Hi there i have recently acquired a Greys XF2 9ft #9 Carnivore rod. Beautiful rod that i took with me bass fishing to the states and now (unless i decide to go for pike ... not sure where to on the north east) is surplus. Question is what it is worth and where to sell? (i know eBay is one...
  12. Patterns for other species
  13. Fishing Videos
    Greeting folks! This my new video about, the first fishing in this year at pike with spinner baits in Georgia, Tbilisi. The fish was passive, but we managed to catch a couple.
1-13 of 13 Results