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  1. General Board
    Can anyone share the name of the red fly with yellow eyes that they show toward the end of this piece? FLY TV - Small River Salmon in Denmark (double handed fly fishing) - YouTube
  2. Classified Wanted
    Open to see what anyone has possibly a Snowbee Nano Geo or Diamond rod. Not looking at spending fortunes as will possibly be a spare rod but due to changes at work I need a rod that will go out of sight in the boot and currently my rods are too long as mostly 3 piece. Thanks
  3. Spinning
    Just received 11ft 6" rod from ebay , this is a 5 piece rod, states 4 piece on ebay ? maybe the shorter models 8/9ft are 4piece ? so the Cordura tubes fit all models ? These rods are up to £30 cheaper that big outlets, outlets charge for postage too, Great looking rod, bargain , now at £36-44p...
  4. General Board
    With the Hants Avon thundering through and spinning likely to be allowed for the near future I'm feeling that something a bit longer and more powerful than my 7' 7 - 40gram rod is needed. In my local tackle shop Saturday getting some maggots I idly asked if he had a spinning rod, 4 piece between...
  5. Rods
    Looking for a new modern rod for pulling wets and tripping t’bob. Mainly for Corrib. Thinking 11’ ,6/7. I currently use an original purple Alltmor 6-8, but it’s a two piece and transportation an issue. I know there are old classic Daiwa’s and B&W’s etc but want a modern, lighter rod. All advice...
  6. Classified Sales
    Happy Newyear Folks?? Beulah 10 foot 8 weight 3 piece. Fast action powerful fly rod Brand new with plastic wrapper still on. SOLD!! Hardy Sirrus 13 foot 9 weight 4 piece fly rod Immaculate condition. Excellent all rounder. Comes with original Hardy bag and tube SOLD!! Hardy Jet Sintrix...
  7. Classified Sales
    Hi All, Up for sale is a mint Gaelforce Equaliser 14' 9/10 4 piece Salmon Fly Rod. £500 which includes P&P to Ireland and UK Regards, Darra
  8. Guideline
    If anybody is looking for an early Xmas present there are a few ex demo NT8 6 piece rods on offer at John Norris today..... I 've just paid for a 9/10 and its the most expensive rod I have ever bought, despite the serious discount !!
  9. Classified Sales
    For Sale Bloke XL50 11'3" 8/9 weight 4 piece Excellent condition £200 posted UK
  10. Classified Sales
    Nice 4 piece Norway in vgc,ready for the spring.£285 posted
  11. Classified Wanted
    If anyone one would be willing to part with one. Ideally I’m after the grey blank with purple wrap. 4 piece. I would take a 2 piece or the blue wrap of available. I know I can’t be too fussy. ? Pm me if you have one. Cheers Paul
  12. Guideline
    Hello, I have a guideline rod NT8 6 piece 12'9 8/9 and I am very happy with it. Has anyone had the opportunity to test or try the 4 piece NT8, especially the 12'9 8/9 and the 13'9 9/10 and can compare it to the 6 piece ?
  13. Classified Sales
    Century Stealth 12ft 9” 4 piece rod for sale. Rated 9-11 but will cast a wide variety of lines (see comments in the ‘Rods ‘ section of the forum for more detail). Complete with full set of butt weights and spare screw). Supplied in original Century sectioned tube. Very good, lightly used...
  14. Classified Sales
    Harrison Triptych 12ft 3 piece blank.Great for going in car.Dee from Purple Whiskers uses one for prawn fishing. Rod built by Bob the rod from Robertsons tackle shop. It has a full cork handle , fuji reel seat and lined guides through out.Also keeper ring. Bought this rod from another angler...
  15. Classified Sales
    E M. T. 9/10, 40gms/617 grain as new condition. Lovely piece of kit which covers ALL RIVER CONDITIONS £84 posted. Thanking you-Victor
  16. Classified Sales
    Sold Moving house soon so need to tidy up some materials These material all you need for getting started with the famous banana fly in the proper dyed colour shades. 70 gold 10mm compact bottle tubes free swinging hook style. Huge piece of dirty yellow polar bear 5x3 inches! Tellis flugefiske...
  17. General Board
    Hello, I'm trying to justify buying travel rods (I have 1, but its pointless without a second). I brought a 15 ft 3 piece to Norway from Canada twice with no issues/charges by using a ski bag and loading it with rods/gear (1 checked bag). tube for my 6 piece DH rod: 34 inches tube for my 3...
  18. Classified Sales
    Medium fast action 6 piece, bought but never used. £40 posted. Photos available upon request.
  19. Classified Sales
    i have for sale a 12 x 12 inch piece or natural polar bear huge piece price is 150 euros plus post a great deal you know how rare and expensive this hair is to buy. pm me for more details
1-19 of 112 Results