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  1. Feather Wing Patterns
    This was to be a Caines River Special, whatever it is (I still have it & another) it caught a bunch of salmon a few years ago for a client. I handed him an old Wheatley clip box and said "pick one". Another that originated in Maine back around 1940 or so.... This one I believe is called...
  2. General Board
    As title states..Having a day on friday and looking for some nice fly water for myself and a mate. Where would you guys pick and what pool /pools would i be better concentrating on if on kinnaird or dalmarnock? Thanks
  3. Classified Sales
    Vision GT Limited edition salmon reel ENDED Vision GT salmon fly reel. VG11 #10-11 Limited edition in bronze unused boxed pouch and schematic parts sheet,£130 paypal as gift, plus postage,can pick up central Scotland, pm email for pictures
  4. General Board
    Picked up one of these recently and was thinking of using one of the Barrio SLX lines which I use regular. However I dont know if I should pick up the 7# or 8# line ?? can anyone give me any pointers ? cheers
  5. Classified Sales
    Nice and handy Zpey Gear bag here that no longer suits my rods. Internal pocket for rods is 39inches so if your rods are under this then it really is a life saver, everything in one place, pick it up and go. Am actually sad the new rods wont fit in it £80 posted UK/Ireland (RRP €135) - SOLD
  6. General Board
    A specially trained sniffer dog called Macca has been flown in from New Zealand with its owner to the Orkney islands to hunt down Stoats supported by the Scottish natural heritage and the RSPB. Is it not ironic that the SNH and the RSPB can pick and choose which animals they feel are a problem...
  7. Hunting & Shooting
    Been hearing of early day cancellations, due to the cold/wet spring, followed by the current hot/dry spell with less than normal insects for the chicks etc. Do any of you guys who live near the moors, shoot or pick up, have any feel for how the season will go. I was looking for a modest day...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    My venerable Toyota Hilux has failed it's MOT and is beyond economic repair to make it roadworthy again. I shall retire it to the farm for moving stuff around and this means I'm going to need a new pick up to replace it. I'm thinking another Toyota but it occurs to me that it's been 25 years...
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    What do people think of predictive text ? I find that I have to read what I have written very carefully to make sure that totally unsuitable words haven't been substituted. I have just fired off a stropogram to my local surgery because I like to pick up my prescription every 2 months but they...
  10. General Board
    Which pick up truck (used) Just wondering what's people's thoughts are on the best pick up truck , L200 , Toyota Hilux or the Nissan narava , any body own any if the listed wagons
  11. Classified Sales
    have above reel for someone who hasnt got a reel has spare spool too pm me cheers be pick up
  12. General Board
    Has anybody been to the states recently? just wondering as I'm planning a trip there over in the next couple of months and if their prices are right I may pick up a couple of items mainly in the way of clothing/waders/boots and that type of thing Later Mick
  13. New Member Introductions
    Hi there just thought id say hello, been meaning to join for ages now and hope to pick up a few hints and tips along the way
  14. Classified Sales
    Hi all i have a sharpes gye net salmon 24 inches size and quick release leather harness all in a wychwood cover , in very good condition. pick up only in county durham or st.boswells area £60
  15. Classified Sales
    I've got a ticket for this match. I've never been to football match and don't intend to start now. I will pick it up on Mon 4th Sept and will mail then if anyone wants it. £25?
  16. New Member Introductions
    Hi , I'm quite new to Salmon fishing. The rivers I fish are Tay and North & South Esk. Hopping to pick up a few pointers to improve my fishing.:) Tikka
  17. Classified Sales
    Genuine landrover part. Very good condition. All fastenings & parts. Pick up from Perth. £40. PM interest etc
  18. General Board
    In the interests of starting a new, fish focused thread I have decided to put my "recurring" question out on the forum. It's all about flies. Types, sizes and conditions. My initial problem is simple, I cannot get my head around flies and salmon. I come from a trout background and when the fly...
1-18 of 18 Results