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  1. Reels
    Would anybody have a pic of J W Young 1500 set up for right hand wind with one pawl engaged or a pic from an instruction manual? Many thanks, Leo.
  2. General Board
    Any idea what this is? I was going through some old pics over the weekend and came across this. When I came across the pic it did ring a bell and I do vaguely remember catching it and taking the pic but it was totally lost to history until Sat. I caught it Carron Valley approx 25 years ago...
  3. Picture Gallery
    Few pic from our hill yesterday in not bad conditions. Zoom into the middle ridge and you'll see 4 people and a dog for scale. In the 4th pic
  4. Picture Gallery
    here's my last fish of the season one of only half a dozen fish this year , I didn't put in much effort to be fair so can't complain, not a great pic and yeah it's lying in the mud but it was a nightmare getting it in on me own and 2 secs after the pic it jumped back in and shot off was a big...
  5. Picture Gallery
    Managed 3 today lost 1. Still god odds though. Only got a pic of 2.
  6. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Easkey gold shrimp on a partridge code p double.
  7. Site Help and Suggestions
    Why can’t I upload pics. I choose pic from library and select upload , it comes back fail to upload,Why
  8. Picture Gallery
    8k names petition Newcastle City Council for their stupidity over protecting buildings with netting. Pic courtesy BBC TV Look North today.
  9. Picture Gallery
    Like lots of rivers now we are badly in need of a bit of water. This pic is of Penny Bridge just below the village,
  10. General Board
    They are getting bigger Sorry about the poor quality of the second pic.
  11. Fly Tying Topics
    Well after giving the fly tying a good read out today I've lost the wax I always use , had it for years and it was like a wee white bar , if anybody knows what kind it could been, found this , pic posted, but it's hard as nails , is there any tricks for using this stuff
  12. Classified Sales
    I have a small selection of copper lined in 3" the colours are per the pic.. I also have the same selection available in 3" floating pic shows the colours. But since my photo skills arent great they are black/white Black/pink and pink/white. The copper lined ones weigh approx. 18 grammes...
  13. Reels
    Don't it make you sick Jack? :evil: They belong too a friend,,,just his non-fishing spares in this pic - as can be seen from the handles!
  14. Picture Gallery
    :mad2::mad2: Sorry about the terrible pic, however this (as you'll just make out) is one of a definite two seals and a possible third in the River Don this afternoon. Pic taken from old Grandholm Bridge.
  15. General Board
    found this line on one of my reels.. labelled RIO AFS, which it isn't and that's what must have been there before. Its a salmon line, looks somewhere between #9/11.. can anyone tell by the unusual shade of green what it is? (hoping adding the pic has worked!)
  16. Picture Gallery
    Was out the other day and got this wee fella ;) of hod Was using my nu toy My mate Labman was also out this week and caught a mud skipper :rolleyes::rolleyes: Any guess at the weight :confused::confused: and do you think it looks cleanish . I thought it looked no to bad in the pic...
  17. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Moy Green Peter One from Peter O'Reilly's book, really liked the look of it but not sure I've got it 100% correct so any comments or advice would be gladly received :) ps: pic is poor, but dark outside so best I can do for now
  18. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Loading pics is doing my head in!!!! I have only a vague idea how I got these to transfer ... and I only wanted to transfer one. Forgive me A. The one with the fish was taken on the Lee in 1928 at Feargus, a stretch of water consumed when the river was dammed in 1958 for a hydro scheme. The...
  19. Picture Gallery
    Well out the night i was on the fly and Jordy was spinning with a silver Toby only about the 4th time by himself Got this we fella first ;) it was landed very quickly :p:p Then i was beside him telling him to slow down as the are not wahoo were fishing for ,Then bang the rod went over and...
  20. Picture Gallery
    Hi folks, Just thought id post this pic since its always nice to see some fishy pictures on here. Not the best of photos but sure you can appreciate the difficulty of being yourself, being careful with the fish and trying to get a quick pic. Cheers, Jamie And wee sea trout
1-20 of 22 Results