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  1. Classified Sales
    Guideline Shooter Running New line £15 posted SOLD Hi Guys I have spare 2 Guideline SHOOTER Running lines bright Orange brand new on spools 23KG /50lbs. Looking for £15 each posted UK only SOLD See photos below. Send a pm if your interested Thanks Howie
  2. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Gwelsher's thread on wound mallard flies got me looking through various places trying to find the photos. Unfortunately I think they are on a completely dead hard drive that I cannot access. :( I had a look through my Facebook photos and found this one that I don't remember tying! I tied it in...
  3. Classified Sales
    As per the title, this is Henrik Mortensen's book about how to cast a fly, both single handed and double handed. The book is in very good, used condition. The pages are unmarked and uncreased. The cover is very slightly raised at the edges (as you can see in the photos). I am looking for £23...
  4. General Board
    Hi All, I am heading back to the Thurso next year and with a view to saving some cash I’m wondering what the Chalets at the Ulbster Arms are like. We normally stay in the Lodges which are very nice, but if anybody had any experience, or even better, photos, of the Chalets it would be much...
  5. General Board
    Another 3 youngsters with there donated fishing tackle,I have more to post but just waiting on pics,waiting on photos of a young man who has caught a nice grilse with a fly rod donated by a member on only his second days fishing .great getting youngsters and teenagers in to fishing.thanks to...
  6. Canadian Rivers
    Just a few pictures of our trip ...2 weeks of sheer bliss even if the fishing was hard. I could go on and with photos...a truly magical place to fish.
  7. Classified Sales
    Anyone interested at £300 before it goes on eBay tomorrow? If there’s any interest I’ll sort out some photos and flesh out the ad. Used, but in great condition in original bag & cordura pentagonal tube.
  8. Picture Gallery
    Hi Everyone, Here are some photos from my previous week's trip to the river Dee. The fishing was tough but rewarding.
  9. General Board
    Looking to list a couple of capes on the fly fishing forum but I do not have enough posts in order to sell stuff! Is anybody a member with enough hits? And if so would you be willing to list them for me if I sent photos etc!? All help very much appreciated Cheers NP
  10. Classified Sales
    Medium fast action 6 piece, bought but never used. £40 posted. Photos available upon request.
  11. Swap Shop
    Hardy fortuna x3 swapped the big rod I had it for looking for something a tad lighter off the same quality will email photos on request
  12. General Board
    Hi folks, Mr. Angrys here again.Trying to post photo's and I can't.Last call before the whole lot gets launched from the french windows into the garden(and thats frighteningly close I can tell you!). Please feel free to critique!. Reply to thread: 1stly type a spot of mindless drivel, then...
  13. Classified Sales
    Hi, I have for sale the above rod. Looks very lightly used by the original owner ( a forum member) and not used at all by myself. Test cast only. I can cast further with this rod than my usual go to rod, but I just don't like it for some reason. If I had this rod before my now favourite, maybe...
  14. Classified Sales
    Bought from member here , but not getting any use from me. Getting rare. Looking to recoup costs. VGC. Makers bag and tube. ‘Can email photos to genuinely interested parties Tyre kickers will be savagely dealt with. :nod: But privately . :lol: £225 inc postage within UK.. SOLD
  15. Picture Gallery
    Hi Everyone, A throwback from my last year's Autumn trip to the river Dee. It was good fishing for a change :D I hardly managed some photos as I would have rather kept fishing all the time.
  16. Picture Gallery
    Hi Everyone, Here are some photos I shot during my May trip to the river Dee. During five days of fishing I managed two wee seatrout and lost four grilse salmon. Not bad considering conditions at that time.
  17. Picture Gallery
    Sorry, I'll re-post later. All the attachments screwed up when I stupidly clicked "manage attachments" thinking it would enable me to manage attachments without destroying all those I painstakingly added to my post.
  18. Swap Shop
    Hardy zenith 14ft 6 inch #9 Hi, Got this rod from another forum member last year. Hardly used it myself, and it looks little used before I got it. Unmarked as far as I can see. Photos by email on request. Looking for similar quality rod 13.5 to 14ft. Please pm any interest. Idbflytye
  19. Classified Sales
    PRICE DROP PRICE DROP PRICE DROP. got this from a forum member but already have G4 with spools Reel is unused and comes with loop reel case Hope these are better photos £230 posted UK Will also consider swaps for ?salmon fly fishing Message any interest before flea bay
  20. Classified Sales
    in excellent condition with spare spool £75 delivered,will put up photos if anyone interested. 370 deliver
1-20 of 59 Results