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  1. Picture Gallery
    With the season now over in Scotland and almost all of the rest of the UK, I wondered if members would be interested in a little light relief guessing the names of various spring fishing venues in order to null the pain at the thought that we shall be putting ourselves through it all again in...
  2. General Board
    I am not sure where this should be posted. As I'm sure many will have noticed, images hosted with Photobucket will no longer appear, instead in its place a request that you upgrade your account is shown. For those not aware of the change this is a heads-up. The charge for this is quite...
  3. General Board
    I recently bought a Marquis Salmon 3, which had this line on it. The reel has barely been used and neither has the line by the look of it. Anyone know what line it is? Don't recognize it and the seller didn't know. Sorry is Flickr doesn't work - normally use photobucket...
  4. General Board
    Looks like some of my pictures have been deleted by Photobucket. Have used this for many years and now saying in place of the photos is a PB picture, any ideas ? Saying please update your account for 3rd party hosting ???? Anybody else had this ? Sewinfly...............
  5. General Board
    Just had an email from Photobucket telling me that 3rd party hosting of pictues ( ie to this forum) has been cancelled and I need to pay to upgrade my account. This has meant that all the pictures I posted on this site have been wiped. What a mess it will make of the forum. I will try to repost...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    appears photobucket have started charging is their a better alternative?
1-6 of 6 Results