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  1. Picture Gallery
    I managed a wee walk this morning and couldn`t believe how low this stretch of the Clyde is? because part of the banking was washed away the main flow of this section has changed "first photo" and in the "second photo" looks like this has been an old river crossing? I`ve walked this section for...
  2. Picture Gallery
    Hello all, I'm posting this request on behalf of my dad, Richard Hewitt. He collects vintage fishing tackle and has the attached photograph in his collection. It says that the man's name is John, and the photo was taken at Aberdalgie on the River Earn near Perth. Does anybody recognise the man...
  3. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    My very first Thunder and Lightning but I'm still disappointed to have allowed the head to get away from me and at some point not noticing that I'd dragged the top few wing fibres back. Generally though I'm quite pleased with it. The final photo is just at an angle to catch the light better on...
  4. Fly Tying Topics
    So after a couple of attempts I created a body that I like last night going from photo 1 to photo 2 with smaller wing area and slightly shorter throat. I also didn't like the flattened body hackle and so on advice stood it back up. I'm not sure about the wing though. Should the built wing...
  5. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    I always liked the colour combination of the Dunkeld and often use a shrimp fly version of it. I have added a Michigan Blue Back rump feather dyed solar flare from IFS to help the tail stand out - instead of yellow breast feather that I would normally use The photo of the fly is taken from the...
  6. Picture Gallery
    One of my fish from last week's Spey trip, and one that i would have like to have been able to weigh. Safely returned and swam away strongly...approx 42" long going off a mark on the rod. Rushed photo i'm afraid due to wanting to get him back in the river
  7. Picture Gallery
    I never know where to post photos. I guess though some folk don't look at Scottish Rivers section so here it is, and worthy of a second posting you will all agree. Photo by Max McKinstrie of Ian Mitchell with his 32lb Old Soldier from the Conon on Saturday morning.:thumb:
  8. Fly Tying Topics
    Where can I get some of the small diameter stuff in the photo ?
  9. River Spey
    Only angler fishing near Grantown on Thursday.
  10. General Board
    Hi folks, Mr. Angrys here again.Trying to post photo's and I can't.Last call before the whole lot gets launched from the french windows into the garden(and thats frighteningly close I can tell you!). Please feel free to critique!. Reply to thread: 1stly type a spot of mindless drivel, then...
  11. Picture Gallery
    Had this silver 5.5Ib fish from Woodmill, full write up in river reports. Photo does not do the fish justice but kept in net and released. Sewinfly. ...........
  12. Hunting & Shooting
    Test photo. One from last summer while dog walking.
  13. General Board
    I've been doing a lot of walking and casting practise this week but at least I've had chance to do a bit of tidying up. The first photo is ~1/4 of a trampoline frame retrieved from the middle of the river. Most of the rest of the trampoline has been retrieved from the river by others but ~1/2...
  14. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Tied this for the TOTM September before realising that it’s not a Dee fly! Thought I may as well post as it took a while to get a decent photo!:)
  15. Classified Sales
    Have for sale the new version Cascapedia (Made in England). Reel is in very good condition......couple of very small marks on bottom of reel (see photo) and a small blemish to centre screw (again see photo). Blank warranty card. Price reduced.............£275 posted UK. Listing now ended.
  16. Head Cam Videos
    A good scrap with a few good runs :cheer2::cheer2::dance::dance: Tummel 20: 4 : 18 - YouTube release april 20th 18 - YouTube Note to self when getting a photo taken face towards the sun :doh::doh::doh: No it wasn't 20lb :redface:
  17. Fly Tying Topics
    Hello, Wondering the procedure for posting pics, am I missing a sticky somewhere? I know you used to have to use photo bucket, can you upload directly now? Many thanks! Forrest
  18. General Board
    Great to see Phil B still knocking out super fish... This one (of two same day!) from Teith's Lanrick... (Minor correction via the photo capture but 103cms so about 20-odd so quite the deal... )
  19. Scottish Rivers
    Cold day on the river today but still good to get out, saw a seal thrashing the kelts about around 100 yards below this photo.
  20. Picture Gallery
    Every now and then I have a problem when previewing a post to ensure photo has been attached OK. The photo appears enormous and you can only see a very small part of the picture. Any ideas as to what has happened? Perhaps to my settings?
1-20 of 29 Results