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  1. Classified Sales
    Leeds magnum 140d in excellent all round condition already fitted with an 8 or 9 weight line perfect for smaller 12 or 13 foot rods nice suede pouch Pics available on request £40 posted. Leeds magnum 200d in a used condition with a few scrapes on the rim but all surface fitted with backing...
  2. Classified Sales
    Got an old Hardy perfect, its a 3 3/4" great for shorter rods around the 12' to 13' mark, its in great condition and sounds great but it just sits in a bag and never gets used. Looking for £375 just to get my money back.
  3. Classified Sales
    One of the new English made Hardy Perfect 4 reels. It has been put on a rod only and is a spare reel and never actually fished with so is in immaculate condition. Comes with original box, reel pouch and manual plus has 30lb Dacron backing so is ready to just put a line on. I have 2 of these...
  4. Reels
    Hello everyone, To obtain a more powerful brake on a Perfect; is it possible to engage the 2 tongues on the toothed wheel !!!
  5. Classified Wanted
    Any one with a good example - should be a brass faces Hardy perfect on cover, pay well over the odds for this! Let me know.
  6. Reels
    I am relatively new to fishing with pre war Hardy Perfects. This is my first summer fishing a 3 3/4 1930's vintage Perfect on my new Bob Clay Cane 12 footer. It has been wonderful and I have caught some lovely fish on them. Part of my success has been some great rainy weather during some of my...
  7. Reels
    Hello everyone, I think of a Hardy perfect 4 or 4 1/4, I find it beautiful! Can you tell me about the brake; I fish mainly in Scotland but every year a small stay in Norway; or catches are different in size
  8. Classified Sales
    Have this jacket that I really don't need anymore. Everything works as it should, all zips are in perfect nick, as are the cuffs and hood. Will add a few pictures later tonight £150 posted UK/Ireland via paypal or bank-t
  9. Classified Sales
    I have for sale the above reel, it is the 41/4" wide spool perfect, the reel is brand new, still in the box, with pouch and blank papers, I have only taken it out of the box once after purchase, to make sure it was ok. I bought the reel to use on my B&W 15' rod, but never got round to it as I...
  10. Picture Gallery
    12 lb, one of the most perfect fish I have ever seen.
  11. Swap Shop
    Hi guys looking to see if there would be any interest in anyone swapping a loop classic right hand wind 7/9 or a hardy 4in widespool perfect for the following reel. Hardy perfect 3 3/4 wide spool . Dup 2 1930 , with line guard. i have two of these one was my fathers which I’ll be keeping...
  12. Classified Sales
    RIO Skagit Max Long Shooting Head 750 grain. Used once so in perfect condition. £35 posted. SOLD MacKenzie DTX Shooting Head, Float/Int tip 44gm for 10/11 wt. Perfect condition. £20 posted. MacKenzie DTX Shooting Head, Float. 44gm for 10/11 wt. Again in perfect condition. £20 posted. All...
  13. Classified Sales
    Good Afternoon, I have for sale a Hardy 4/14'' Wide Spool Perfect Reel, the reel is as new, and has never been used, I bought it to use with one of my 15' rods, but have never got round to it. it comes with original sheepskin pouch,box, and blank warranty card, the reel comes set for LHW...
  14. Classified Sales
    Mint Hardy Zephrus, test cast only, bought it in 2018, but never used, superb rod, 14'6' 9/10 perfect condition. £450 plus postage SOLD
  15. Classified Sales
    Treated myself to a new Hardy Cascapedia 10/11 so decided to sell my older one. In used but not abused condition. Side plates are perfect with no paint loss. Polished rims have fine surface scratches but no dinks or gravel rash (which in my opinion would polish out) Drag is perfect and clicker...
  16. Classified Sales
    Cross s1 medium/fast action rod. 12 foot, 7 weight. This rod is in perfect condition. Comes with metal tube and original box. £380 Free Delivery.
  17. General Board
    Could we not create artificial spawning channels. Dig channels with controlled flow and perfect gravel beds. Create these up at headwaters, or suitable places beside the river. Instead of stripping fish, place the fish in the channels, along with par and let them do their thing. I know this is...
1-20 of 52 Results