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  1. General Board
    I will probably get shot down for this post . But paying £20 to enter and paying to park !!!! . Now basically you are paying to go shopping it's high time they realised that the stand holders money should be enough to run the show . And the car park is pure greed !!!!
  2. General Board
    Anyone know a good site that has a vast stock of materials looking to stock up on materials and everything I’m looking seems to be on different sites bit of a torture paying postage on 1 or 2 items , and looking through the internet to find them ,
  3. General Board
    Hi, Not really sure which board to place this on, but here goes in the general board. I broke the tip section of my oracle switch 6 section 11ft #7/8 the other day. I'm really not that fussy about paying for a replacement tip. If anyone out there has the same rod broken at a different section (...
  4. Swap Shop
    have for swap in as new condition looking for a similar size and line weight this is an #8 rated at 31g but too much of an out and out underhand tool very similar to the LTS explosive open to paying a bit extra for the right rod or also would take a good condition oracle scandi 12'9 plus cash
1-4 of 4 Results