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  1. General Board
    Just finished reading Terminal Chancer. Very good, definitely recommend it. Obviously without putting your jobs or relationships at risk, post your best Salmon Weasel stories here. If you want to know what a Salmon Weasel story is, buy the aforementioned book:-) Story 1. River was absolutely...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    Any suggestions ? Thoroughly frustrated by this site’s lack of ability to pm images without the use of third party. Not interested in Tapatalk.
  3. Picture Gallery
    Mind if I join the party?
  4. General Board
    A pod of 5 Orcas have been seen in Aberdeen bay for the last couple of weeks, lets hope they have an apatite for the vast amount of seals that are in the area and tell their mates there is a party going on. ythan seals - Google Search
  5. Hunting & Shooting
    Sunday morning shoot cassino Italia
  6. General Board
    Have a read of this! With the political balance of power the way it is, this could get through and become law. Scottish Green MSP seeks 'total ban' on foxhunting - BBC News VERY LATE EDIT: (TADDY - IN PARTICULAR = PLEASE TAKE NOTE!!) This is by way of a request to thread participants to...
  7. Fly Tying Topics
    Is there something I need to do at my end to see the old photobucket pics from old threads? Or is this 3rd party hosting business relying on you paying a subscription?
  8. Rods
    If by chance you have a broken Scierra HMSvII 13'7" I would be interested to hear from you. Fact is a friend has a tip which I hope to persuade him to part with, and I have the mid sections but the butt piece is damaged. Unfortunately Scierra are unable to help. H
1-9 of 10 Results