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  1. Rod Building
    Hi, I’m going to be helping a pal who’s planning on building a rod and would like to know where the best place is to buy all the parts from please. We are looking for an Alps reel seat and handle for a small 2 hander and will need decent eyes too. I’ve the pleasure of owning a few custom rods...
  2. Classified Wanted
    Hi everybody! I am on the search for spare parts for the above rod, 4piece, second edition with black Fuji guide rings. I would also take a whole rod, if in new or good condition. Please feel free to offer your thoughts for the price. Thank you in advance! Roland
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    I have just been reading the 'Honest John' car review Q&A section. The post below made me laugh: Question: 'What would be the situation with Kia cars if there was a nuclear war in Korea? Does Kia have enough spare parts in Europe to guarantee the seven-year warranty? Would you suggest avoiding...
  4. General Board
    Can anyone confirm exactly when CCR was introduced in E&W? From a statement in the EA catch return data it was April 1999 but I'm sure I've seen on here that it was actually 1998. Or was it a phased introduction in some parts of the country before others?
  5. Classified Sales
    Loop Classic 1013 MK1 LHW for sale due to not seeing any use. It is in perfect working order but has a few marks here and there from general use. Pictures hopefully attached. Comes with original leather case but I have lost the reel parts diagram however these can be obtained easily from Loop...
  6. Classified Sales
    Anyone want to take a punt on this one. The drag has gone faulty but you can still get parts for these reels from Guideline.. It could be as simple as a O ring on the spindle. It's almost mint as photos show.. Make me a reasonable offer.. Thanks
  7. General Board
    Hi folks does anybody have any suggestions for an animal friendly substance that I can put on the dog, unfortunately midgies seem to love the parts around his eyes and after a while he resembles a boxer that isn't very good at dodging punches? Cheers Paul
  8. General Board
    Please ignore this one, for some reason my post was duplicated. Original here Midge repellant for dogs
1-8 of 8 Results