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  1. General Board
    What’s your thoughts on this one.
  2. Reels
    I am getting some money for 10 years at the same company and wanted to buy a really nice reel. Looking for a mixture of weight, line capacity, disc drag and a nice click which also does not look too blingy. The Tibor fits the bill on paper but would like to know if anyone has used it as a reel...
  3. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    I cant find the paper just but now, did read a paper previously that detailed how smolts were now generally s2 (2nd year smolts?) as opposed to previously, where they were a mixture of s2, s3 and s4, with only a small amount being s2. The S2 did make sense to me as on the Southie, I see plenty...
  4. General Board
    In what format do members prefer angling books to be produced.
1-4 of 4 Results