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  1. General Board
    Ten days ago (February 5) I ordered the shipment of a wading boots from Spain to Ireland through UPS. The package was picked up at my home in Estepona (Málaga) next day, February 6. February 12 from Tamworth (UK) , SIX DAYS AFTER, tracking indicates "Recent weather has caused delivery delays...
  2. Classified Sales
    Got this one from a friend as he thinks it does not match his rod. New and just test cast for 2 minutes. The package says #9 Floating but inside is #9 - 30 Gr. 8,4 m F/Sink 5. The price tag (75,-- Euros) is still on the package and I am open to reasonable offers. Icelander05
  3. Spinning
    Just delivered,genuine mepps anglia,all sizes and colours,£1.30 - £1.40 each. Aliexpress,about 12 days delivery time.Apparently they are made in China,shipped to France, fancy package then priced accordingly for us mugs.Just like most of our fishing tackle.
  4. Classified Sales
    Recentily bought this and paired it up with a RSSVT 7# but just don't get on with it so it's got to go. Rod is totally immacuate. PM if interested. SOLD
1-4 of 4 Results