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  1. General Board
    The Scottish Government has refused to help anglers with their efforts to prevent Pacific Pink Salmon getting a foot hold in the River Dee. A major operation is under way to remove eggs from the spawning redds of Pacific Pink salmon. The River Dee Trust asked for assistance from the SG but a...
  2. Picture Gallery
    First Pacific salmon from the nairn another two were seen with this one .
  3. General Board
    Just watching Wild Alaska Live. Apparently right now in the rivers around for the Katmai National Park there is an estimated 50,000,000 (50 million) Salmon in the rivers making there way up to the spawning grounds and that's only in that area. The question is why are there so many Pacific Salmon...
  4. General Board
    Was out again on the Dee today - loads of fish running through all day. Whilst I was down the bottom of the beat in the afternoon, Dan the ghillie had a Pacific out from the top of the beat. About 5lb and fought like a wet blanket apparently. Edit: and here it is!! I've seen the pics but...
1-4 of 4 Results