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  1. Classified Sales
    Rio outbound Spey line 9/10 38 grams 580 grains head length 39.5 feet Good used condition. Removed from reel and put onto spool. No original box. NOW SOLD
  2. Vision
    Hi, I have the above rod and I am note sure what line to put on it. My other rods a 12 and 14 I have teamed with a Rio afs outbound and love them. I got the 15 10wt as I wanted somthing with a bit more power to cast heavier flies and tips in spring and autumn. Any clues I have looks at the...
  3. Classified Wanted
    Rio AFS outbound 9/10 Hi, After a Rio outbound floating 9/10# please Thanks
  4. Classified Sales
    Rio AFS Outbound 38g 9/10 Good condition Not on original spool, as came with a reel I bought. Is the version with orange and yellow Running line..the later version I believe. SOLD
  5. Classified Sales
    Original AFS Outbound integrated floating shooting head 7/8wt, in very good condition having seen very little use. Still on the original welded loop on the front which is in perfect condition. Don't have the original spool or box but will come supplied on a Rio spool as seen. Cost £79 when new...
  6. Classified Sales
    For Sale RIO AFS Outbound Integrated Shooting Head Floating #9/10 Comes boxed on original spool, excellent condition NOW SOLD
  7. Classified Wanted
    Hi After RIO outbound floating in 7/8, new or lightly used please. Thanks
  8. Classified Sales
    Above line for sale......hardly used £28 posted in UK.........sold thank you
  9. Swap Shop
    Rio A.F.S. outbound this is the one with the lime green running line and black loading marker in excellent condition, got it from another member so I don`t have box or spool. will swap for same line in an 8/9 or consider a 34 -36 head with a running line. NOW GONE
  10. Swap Shop
    Have a Rio outbound 9/10 in excellent condition. This is the line with the lime green running line and black marker. Will come on non original spool. Looking to swap for used gaelforce integrated 9/10 floater Will also consider other 9/10 ?lines Pm any interest
  11. Classified Wanted
    no longer required No longer required.
  12. Rookies Corner
    which size Rio Skagit max and Rio afs Outbound? I'm thinking 675 grain and 10/11 for the outbound..thanks.
  13. Classified Wanted
    Sorted, thanks. Got new one at good deal. Thanks.
  14. Classified Sales
    Vision ACe 38 gram floater carrot £25 Vision ACe 38 gram slow mow inter £25 Sold AFS outbound 26 gr £25 now sold Afs outbound 38 gr £25 sold thanks Please pm Jono
  15. Classified Sales
    I have just found a 9/10 39g intermediate outbound, this is a line I used to good effect years ago, I remember one day on Newtyle with 4 banked and 4 lost in a Huge water. Anyway if someone wants it they can have it for £15 posted, there is a braided loop on the front and there is no box. BW
  16. Classified Sales
    RIO Outbound 8/9F 34grams. Tried on rod on once for about 5 mins only . I have fitted a braided leader loop to tip. Price new £74.99 Sell for £42. Price includes P&P to UK postcode.
  17. Classified Sales
    Both sold, thanks. Hi folks, Both sold, many thanks to all as usual. Regards, FN.
1-17 of 27 Results