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  1. Vintage Tackle Discussion
    Hi, I wonder if any one of you experts here has seen one. Do they exist? Could it be a special order? L
  2. Spinning
    I have just started to paint a few of these as I have a Good supply in 3 different sizes 2" 3" and 4" The 4" is the closest to kynoch size and the other Two smaller siblings. They will be for sale but same as my Devon's will be Painted to order. Any interest let me know I have a few samples...
  3. General Board
    Have always been a fan of JN, apart from their somewhat excessive postage costs. However a recent order has changed my views somewhat. On 15 September I ordered some polyleaders and a couple of shooting head wallets. Based on their delivery descriptions I opted for £6.95 postage (multiple...
  4. Other Videos
    2 June 2019 - YouTube Took this morning.
  5. General Board
    I will open a new thread regarding backing, while many of you might search for a solid alternative to what is comercially called Gel Spun. I spent some time searching for quality backing and while doing this i stumbled upon a very interesting test that allowed me to choose a backing for my...
  6. General Board
    Anyone got a phone number for the shop? The number on the website appears to be for the mail order dept and not open at the weekend.
  7. Classified Sales
    As above , large quantity, £4 per dozen plus postage charge of £3.00 per order. Price drop, now £3.00 per dozen.
  8. Classified Wanted
    Anyone have a Carron floater, 11/12, 65-foot head in good order they've stopped using?
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    Considering the top 4 teams seem to be disrespecting the greatest one off game football competition in the world, Wolves look a warm order to have a good run I have also had a wager on the Toffees.
  10. Spinning
    A wee bespoke order donated to the casting for recovery charity.always happy to help where I can. Painted to the winning bidders spec. Here's hope he finds some Atlantic silver to cover with them.
  11. Classified Sales
    I'm looking to move this bag on. Full spec can be found on the Snowbee website but it is a useful 37x13.5x14 inches. Comes in excellent condition with no damage to fabric and all zips and buckles in good working order. Retail price of £187.99 I am looking for £90 inc P&P UK only Rod now sold
  12. General Board
    I ordered a rod from the above via their website yesterday. This morning I get a phone message saying its not stock and will take 7 to 10 days to get. Ok it was a sale item but why have it advertised on their site and let me order it and take my money if they haven't got one in stock? I wouldn't...
  13. General Board
    nlo - nffo news -BREXIT EU Fisheries - NO SAY FROM NEXT YEAR: " This would mean that during the transition period: Although EU fisheries law will continue to apply to UK fleets and continue to evolve, AC advice would formally reflect the views of only stakeholders based in the EU 27 UK...
  14. Rookies Corner
    Just in the Market for some new wading boots, am I right in thinking I need to order a size up? My Vision Makos have done a fair innings, I am a UK11 so do I need to order a UK12? Any help or advise appreciated, cheers!
  15. General Board
    AMENDMENT TO THE TWEED REGULATION ORDER 2007 ANNUAL CLOSE TIME AND CATCH AND RELEASE In terms of paragraph 9 of schedule 2 of The Scotland Act 1998 (River Tweed) Order 2006 ("the 2006 Order") notice is hereby given that, following an application to them by the River Tweed Commission, the...
  16. Classified Sales
    For sale my Shakespeare beaulite salmon reel. Looking for £30 posted UK Reel is in perfect working order.
  17. General Board
    Was out with the wife fine dinning on Sunday and there was sea trout on the menu. Do they farm sea trout like they do salmon. I can't say iv'e seen that before. I didn't order it as I sort of guessed it was a posh way of selling rainbow trout???
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    Can anyone tell me the name of the tackle dealer close to Glasgow that had a Rainbow trout fishery in the grounds? They done a lot of mail order from a large shed in the grounds. Thanks.
  19. General Board
    Had really bad service from Helsinki spey clave fishing shop recently let me down with two big fly tying orders in the space of a month. Ordered once and the item never turned up at all, when I pulled them on it they fobbed me off for 3 weeks saying it was xmas post etc. nearly 3 weeks later and...
  20. General Board
    Which ones should I order for my freestones?
1-20 of 29 Results