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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    well the irish boys are giving England a tonking this morning-Tim Murtagh 5-11 before 12.15. Why Joe Root thought a green top with humd overhead conditions was an option to bat on is a mystery-and he has been shown up this morning. The aussies will be quaking in their boots:D:D update-England...
  2. General Board
    What do you reckon the best all rounder is lens wise? I'm thinking of getting a new pair of polorized for fishing. The ones I have at the minute are 'sunrise' and they're ok but is there a better all round option?
  3. Shooting Heads
    Anyone used the guideline 4D multi-tip lines. They look an interesting option especially mixing up the heads and tips?
  4. General Board
    Im thinking to fish the Orkla in last week June 2019. Iv looked 3 bits of water, Hans Spinnler, ( He also does lessons, Im only interested in fishing. )and Orkla river lodge. And Orklagaard, an old fishery that has before been private . I also looked Aurnam , but its full. Has anyone fished...
  5. General Board
    Just tried to bump my classified ad, is this option gone now? All the best, L
  6. General Board
    Picked up the info from the other thread stating 60% loss per month. I certainly feel their is lot of truth in this. Having fished the lower Annan and Tweed couple weeks ago after bit of rain. I was expecting lots of fish to battering on threw. Not so. I would imagine this loss of up to 60%...
  7. General Board
    How to you undo the dislike? I meant to click like and was distracted but ended up clicking dislike. Stupid option anyway in my opinion. Cheers Diarmid.
  8. General Board
    Can anyone shed some light on Gordon Castle & Gordon Brae? Seems to be the same estate but run separately? Which would be a better option for May? thanks in advance!
  9. General Board
    Just wondering what is the best option for a 14.3ft 9 weight rated zaxis. Looking at Airflow Ultraspey. What would be the best option? 8/9 or 9/10. Any other options you would recommend I would also consider. Thanks
  10. Lines
    Morning A friend of mine has picked up an Orvis 13' 6" and it says on the rod tube for a DT10 line. Could someone please tell me how this line rating translates into Spey and SH please? He will be using it mainly on a smaller river, so i would have thought a short head spey may be the best...
1-10 of 10 Results