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  1. Classified Sales
    OPST Commando head.18ft.450 grain.Only been used a four times. Two 12ft Sink tips.S2-S3 132G.S5-S6 168G.Never used. £50 the lot including P/P. SOLD.
  2. Classified Wanted
    Looking for an OPST in 300 grain if anyone has one....
  3. Classified Sales
    I'm selling an OPST 300gr head. I'm selling the rod that I bought it for so will no longer need it. SOLD
  4. Classified Wanted
    Has anyone got an OPST Commando Head in 225g that's surplus to requirements, please let me know Thanks Sorted found one at ADH Fishing
  5. Classified Sales
    OPST Commando Skagit line for Spey rods aftm 8 or Switch 8/9 - casts T11 and T10ft 14 Mow tips - Comes with original box see website Products Bought 23rd August 2018 - too light for my rod - running line end marked with indelible marker by me for easy recognition - brilliant lines very easy to...
  6. Classified Sales
    Vision ace 37g slomo £15 posted Rio AFS float 9/10 £20 posted SOLD OPST command 450gr £25 posted SOLD Thanks
  7. Classified Sales
    OPST commando 450gr Sold Rio In touch switch chucker #7 Sold
  8. Vendor Deals
    We are pleased to announce Angling Active have taken delivery of OPST products and are now a UK main dealer. CLICK HERE to see the new range of: Commando Pure Skagit Heads; Commando Pure Skagit Lazar Running Lines; Commando Pure Skagit Sink Tips Commando Pure Skagit Float tips (very popular!)
  9. Swap Shop
    Would like to swap my NEW opst lazar running line 40lb for the same line in 50 lb. Pm if you have one that you would like to swap. If not, I have also listed it for sale in the classifieds.
  10. Classified Sales
    I have for sale an OPST commando 425gr. The line is brand new, never been cast. I tore open the box before I realised I'd bought the wrong size. I'm looking for £40 posted
1-10 of 10 Results