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  1. Guideline
    I'm considering the new LPXe 13 foot in 8/9 and looking for feedback on the rods, opinions actually. Must be the lockdown got to me :shocked: Would like to hear from users please. Ard
  2. Picture Gallery
    New to the fun, but had a great time with this fish safely returned on c&r but I had thought at 10lb 1oz a Salmon, until I had shown the picture to a few folk who said before I spoke, a sea trout. Wiser folk than me what's your opinions
  3. General Board
    Thinking of buying one of these, not used one so looking for opinions?
  4. General Board
    Having washed and reproofed my Simms wading jacket every 2 years with great results using the nikwax system I was considering doing the same with my 3 year old breathable waders. I would appreciate any opinions or advice as to whether this is a good idea or not. Tightlines PBP
  5. Scottish Rivers
    Hi all, river teith in October, any opinions on the best beat?
  6. Spinning
    Afternoon.. Been out the game for a few years but I'm hoping to get out again from the start of next season. Just looking for opinions on the best spinning rods on the market these days or even opinions on what other anglers use. Either a 10ft or 11ft minimum as will be tackling beats on the...
  7. General Board
    A have an issue with Guideline on which I would like to hear others’ opinions - I have a Guideline switch rod (the LPXe). Two seasons ago, the second section snapped without an apparent reason. Guideline replaced the section free of charge. In June this year, the butt cork section on the...
  8. Rookies Corner
    Hi guys, Iv used maxima in the past but have gone off the stuff. Too stiff and bulky in my view. What is the best leader material from this list for clear water salmon fishing? Fishing Lines, Leaders, Tippet, Mono and Fluorocarbon Shop Also any opinions for dry fly fishing which is best mono...
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    I was hoping if I might have some assistance in completing my dissertation survey. I would really value the opinions of those in the UK that would be fishing in the rivers. It is ok if not UK based. Link: Public attitudes towards Eurasian Beavers
  10. Rod Building
    Just wondering if anyone has bought a Bloke blank of eBay (there are a few sizes) and what heir opinions are on them if they have.
  11. Hardy
    Anybody using one of these? What's your line choices & honest opinions of this rod? Cheers MM
  12. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Opinions please guys
1-12 of 12 Results