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  1. General Board
    Hi guys, I’m wondering if people could give there opinion on what they think is the best salmon reel shimano.
  2. Other Tackle
    Whats everyones opinion on the best digital scales ? also the most accurate ?
  3. Casting Videos
    I was looking at this video and in particular the spey cast at 2 minutes 20 seconds in, which caught my attention and I thought I would ask all the expert casters on the forum if you've seen this cast before. It looks very economical and in my opinion very well executed by the angler in the...
  4. Fly Tying Topics
    A simple one really, full palmerred body or just some hackle at the butt as Davie McPhail ties? Just personal preference or is one better than than the other in your opinion? I’ve been advised to have a few on doubles for a trip at the end of summer/early autumn and can’t decide!
  5. General Board
    Vision xo d/h rods Up to a grand for some models Vision a very forward thinking company who have some stunning gear. Underated in my opinion as there tackle are top notch in k
  6. Jackets
    Does anyone have an opinion on these? It seems they go up to a decent size. Dozer 5™ Black - Waterproof jackets - Geoff Anderson
  7. General Board
    As a rule, the experience and the result of fishing are extremely subjective. The opinion of one angler may not be 100% to coincide with the opinion of the other. The longer you catch salmon, the more facts accumulate, more experience, but also the questions become more and more. And to answer...
  8. Rods
    Hello everyone, I use mainly 2 rods 13'8 # 9 and 14'7 # 9 for 31 / 37gr. I load them with 34gr shoots and 40gr midheads. In your opinion the extra length for the 14'7 would he load heavier? Thank You
  9. General Board
    The Ultimate Salmon Fishing Experience: Scotland Norway and Russia Worth some thought Cheers Mows
  10. General Board
    Just purchased a zenith sintrix 12.6 7wt off a former member before I load reels to suit what would your recommendations be ? Also your opinion of this rod I paid 300 for it ?
  11. Spinning
    Has anyone used Daiwa J braid x 8 yet and if so what is your opinion compared to power pro?
  12. General Board
    I have read some good reviews on the Gaelforce equalizer speylines. Does anyone on here fish with them and what's there opinion on them? Thanks
1-12 of 12 Results