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  1. General Board
    If you haven't been into the TOTM thread for February as yet then can I encourage you do so otherwise you may miss out on seeing an amazing selection of 30 Scottish fly patterns tied to a very high standard. Also, as the title states, the poll is now open and so can I encourage you while there...
  2. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    I believe it opens tomorrow. What other Irish salmon fisheries are open other than the Drowes.
  3. Tie of the month
    As I'm sure you are all aware TOTM 2019 was my first year of tying salmon flies and giving the competition a go. As a result I learned so much from you all that I genuinely feel my tying moved forward significantly more than it would have otherwise. Mind you as the saying goes the more you...
  4. Classified Wanted
    I am looking for a 5ft to 7ft trout fly rod. It will need to be for a 2 or 3 weight line. I would like split cane but open to suggestions? I do not need anything too expensive as this is for very occasional use. Thanks
  5. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Am I reading the new regs right and we can now use barbless doubles on rivers open for catch and release?
  6. General Board
    What do you guys use for small tube trebles...about sizes 10-14.... I tried a few types this season and most were too easy to open up to be honest. I'd hate to lose a fish due to hook failure....
  7. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    I note the draft regulations include the Lower Shannon for catch and release. Must be a while since Castleconnell was open. Will be interesting to see what prospects this will bring for 2020.
  8. Swap Shop
    Sage One 15 ft 10 wt no tube or bag in good used condition, a few light rubs but they are only to the surface finish open to offers of shorter rods Rod now gone thanks for the interest
  9. Classified Sales
    Hardy St Aidan fly reel with 2 spare spools. Really nice condition considering it's age. £175 posted UK mainland but open to sensible offer also. PayPal friends/family please. Regards NH
  10. General Board
    Fill your boots with this event tomorrow lads.
  11. Picture Gallery
    Ocean salmon opened up a while back and not a single report of a recreational fish caught. :doh: Halibut season will open up in a few more days, but in the meantime I caught the big boy.
  12. General Board
    I want to tell you all that your performance under stress does not go unnoticed. With the Brexit and countless other pressing social matters at hand daily you are doing a wonderful job of keeping it all in check here. I'd also like you to know that in America we don't live in a stress free...
  13. General Board
    Bit late in posting this but if anyone lives close by. The open night is on the 14th of February and begins about 6.30pm. As always, we will have some very special offers only available on the night, as well as a general discount on other items. There will also be a free buffet including beers...
  14. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    A days angling for two on the Kylemore/Dawros fishery during 2019 and one nights B+B in Renvyle House Hotel for the first person to predict the 'Where, (River) which day and at what time of the day' the first fish (Salmon) is caught in Ireland 2019. Three guesses for each forum member and the...
  15. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Apart from the Drowes which opens 1st January...what other rivers are open from the 1st and what comes next in terms of the Kerry trance from 17th January? Is the Liffey still open for the first day? Competition starts again 20th January and a nights B+B in Renvyle house hotel been added to...
  16. General Board
    Usually use a 24" Gye net but have found it's not that suitable for resting a decent sized fish in prior to release. I'm fishing the Hampshire Avon, steep banks, deep water, so not really suitable for wading in to hold the fish. I've decided to get a much larger net and rubber seems to be the...
  17. Classified Sales
    For sale is a R L Winston boron lll TH 15ft Rod is in excellent condition no marks or scratches £550 including p&p Open to offers SOLD
  18. General Board
    In the 10+ years I have been a member at our club, the reservoirs have never even been close to being this low. Had some brilliant days on this water including some with forum members so sorry guys not happening anytime soon. At least the pubs still open :)
  19. The Art of Casting
    Michael O'Kane from Draperstown won the Irish Open Spey Competition in Foxford today in fairly difficult conditions. This annual competition is a part of the Riverfest festival in Foxford. Second place was Martin Kiely from Limerick, and third place was Michael Egan from Ballina.
  20. Sea Trout Fishing
    Hi All, We (my dad and I) are thinking about fishing the Teign next week for sea trout, conditions look marginally better. Does anyone have any advice on which beat, and ideally which pools, we should focus on that are open to day ticket anglers? Given the low water i was thinking the Lower...
1-20 of 36 Results